Press release: 1997-09-17: Sega Improves On An Hit: Virtua Fighter 2 Now On PC

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- (September 17, 1997) --
The 3D fighting game that turned arcades upside down is coming to the PC. Sega® Entertainment, Inc. (SEI) announced today the launch of "Virtua Fighter 2TM" for the PC. The game has everything that made the original an arcade mega-hit, plus "Virtua Fighter 2" for the PC has enhanced features such as network play for up to 10 challengers, chat and uploadable game files. "Virtua Fighter 2" will be available on September 17 for an SRP of $39.99.

Building on the success of "Virtua Fighter PC," which Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine called the "1996 Fighting Game of the Year," "Virtua Fighter 2" delivers two new characters, 1,200 fighting moves from the arcades and crisp 3D graphics. "Virtua Fighter 2" fans can now enjoy real-time network play and save their best battles, then e-mail them to friends or upload them to the Internet. With these new features and enhanced 3D graphics optimized for MMX technology and Pentium processors, "Virtua Fighter 2" has something for everyone from the hard core gamer to the PC gaming novice.

"Sega's heritage in arcade fighting games gives us a clear advantage in bringing all the realistic animation, resolution and detail of the arcade to the PC," said Kristi Walker, product manager, SEI. "With all the heart pounding action you've known and loved in the arcade combined with PC-specific features such as chat and network play, 'Virtua Fighter 2' will appeal to every level of gamer."

"Virtua Fighter 2" adds characters Lion and Shun to the infamous Sega fighters: Akira, Sarah, Jacky, Lau, Pai, Wolf, Jeffrey and Kage. This combination of brutal characters, their personal arsenals of moves and detailed 3D arenas and backgrounds make "Virtua Fighter 2" the most realistic fighting game available on the PC. Fighting fans will see the action through 360 degree camera angles as they catch the true martial arts moves of Sarah performing her "dragon kick," or Shun using his powerful "tentouristsu" move, in which he stands on his head and kicks his way to victory.

Players can choose from various fighting modes which allow them to do everything from battling the computer to watching fights in the first-person perspective. The Expert Mode allows the computer to learn your moves and fighting style, for a more challenging battle. Specific to the PC version, "Virtua Fighter 2" features network play for up to ten people over TCP/IP, IPX, modem or the Internet in the Team Battle Mode. This version also gives PC gamers computer generated art of the characters available for the first time in the U.S. through the Portrait Mode.

"Virtua Fighter 2" will be available nationwide this week and operates on a minimum specification of a 90 Mhz Pentium with memory of 16 MB. "Virtua Fighter 2" supports play on a keyboard or any Windows 95 compatible peripheral. The game is also optimized for MMX technology.

All SEI games allow players to adjust their PC screen settings including resolution, screen size, background, textures, motion type and field graphics for maximum performance.

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