Press release: 1997-10-21: Take Your PC Into Overdrive With Sega's Force Feedback PC Game, Daytona Usa Deluxe

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- (October 21, 1997) --
Ladies and gentlemen, start your PCs! Sega® Entertainment, Inc. (SEI) announced today the release of its newest Sega RacingTM game, "Daytona USATM Deluxe." This high-speed, true-to-life racing experience has been optimized for the PC with force feedback technology, eight-player network play and an all-new PC track. "Daytona USA Deluxe" will be available in stores nationwide beginning this week

"Daytona USA Deluxe" supports force feedback, the latest technology in PC gaming which allows players to feel the physical movements and effects in a game though a joystick. With force feedback technology, gamers can feel the actual bumps and crashes as their Daytona® car skids and smashes into the wall or feel a sudden forward draw as they slam on the brakes.

"Unlike most force feedback games on the market, `Daytona USA Deluxe' was built from the ground up with force feedback technology," said Jill Braff, director of marketing, SEI. "Since our developers were thinking about the force feedback effects from day one of development, they implemented intense motion responses everywhere they need to be, giving PC gamers the most gratifying and realistic racing experience possible."

Gamers begin their test drive by choosing from eight different stock cars, each with their own specific strengths ranging from grip and acceleration to speed. From there, players can adjust the car settings including the suspension, handling, transmission and the height of the front and rear of the car for optimized performance.

"Daytona USA Deluxe" features six high-resolutions courses with treacherous twists and turns in locations varying from canyons, beaches, national parks and deserts. As a new addition, "Daytona USA Deluxe" includes an original PC track -- Silver Ocean Crossway -- to add another element of fun and surprise to the game for those familiar with the arcade and Sega Saturn(R)® versions.

"Daytona USA Deluxe" features amazingly realistic perspectives such as first person and behind-the-car, and four modes of play including arcade, time attack, one/two players via split screen and network play via LAN, modem, serial link and the Internet. There are also new soundtracks with CD-quality sound and roaring engine special effects.

"Daytona USA Deluxe" will be available nationwide this week and operates on a minimum specification of at 90 Mhz Pentium with memory of 16 MB. "Daytona USA Deluxe" supports play on a keyboard or any analog or digital Windows 95 compatible peripheral, including force feedback joysticks.

Gamers can also adjust settings including resolution, screen size, background, textures, motion type and field graphics for maximum performance.

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