Press release: 1997-12-01: Sega's New Pistol Packin' Heroine Kicks Butt She Can't Even See in "Enemy Zero"

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 1, 1997--When listening is your most valuable weapon, it is best not to scream.

And screaming isn't something you will find Laura Lewis doing. She's too busy kicking alien butt. Sega(R) of America today released "Enemy Zero(TM)" -- an all new interactive space odyssey for the Sega Saturn(R) starring digital actress Laura Lewis, a femme fatale who must use all her senses and intelligence to save her crew and herself.

This cinematic thriller features Jill Cunniff, lead singer of the all-female rock group Luscious Jackson, as the sultry voice of Laura Lewis, one of seven members of an ill-fated journey aboard a deep space probe. The space craft has been invaded by a vicious alien which Laura must find and kill, before it kills her. Only one problem -- her predator is invisible. Michael Nyman, composer of the Academy Award(R) winning "The Piano," sets the eerie mood as the iron-willed Laura rises to the challenge to defeat the enemy.

"I was attracted to the role because Laura is such a strong and self-reliant character," said Jill Cunniff. "It was a great chance to stretch my performance abilities to play an empowered action-hero and not your average damsel in distress."

Distress in Deep Space

Upon its return trip to planet Earth, the massive vessel "Vehicle Aki" is suddenly rocked by an inter-stellar shock wave which allows a hostile alien life-form to penetrate the ship's defense mechanisms. Deep inside, a hostile alien life-form has penetrated the ship's defense mechanisms and is intent on destroying all human life aboard. Awakening from deep frozen sleep in cryogenic chambers, Laura and the crew are unaware of the danger that has invaded the ship. Crew members are then confronted by the unforgiving predator that savagely attacks and kills them one by one until only Laura remains. Faced with this life or death situation, Laura decides she will not be the predator's next victim. On the contrary -- the alien will now be hers.

A game of unparalleled suspense, "Enemy Zero" contains a strong dramatic element that will fill players with heart-pounding terror. Visually stunning 3D graphics and "Truemotion Technology" force players to rely on their instincts to find clues, weapons and maps in order to defeat the deadly creature. Laura must use all her senses, strength and cunning to fight the monster and protect the planet from alien invasion -- there is no princess to save in this game!

"Femme fatale characters are becoming a popular addition to the videogame industry. Years ago, Sega rocked the industry with "Virtua Fighter," introducing a female terminator named Sarah Bryant," said Lee McEnany-Caraher, vice president, communications, Sega of America. "With Laura Lewis, Sega takes the action hero a step further creating a fully-dimensional, intelligent female character who is a fighting machine with visual emotions."

"Enemy Zero" is the creation of artist Kenji Eno, whose multi-million dollar Japanese production company also produced the mega-hit "D-No Shokutaku" ("D" in America), for which he acted as producer, designer, director, and composer. Eno brings the same sophistication and intensity to "Enemy Zero" with exquisite graphics and compelling story content.

"Enemy Zero" is available nationwide for Sega Saturn at $49.99 SRP. The game will also be available for the PC in February.

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