Press release: 1998-05-14: Fear, Mystery and Revenge Converge in the World of Panzer Dragoon Saga

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Fear, Mystery and Revenge Converge in the World of Panzer Dragoon Saga; Initial Shipments Sold-Out In First Week, Product On Re-Order

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 14, 1998--Enter a world of constant strife and struggle, an Empire in ruins and at the mercy of relentless rebels.

Look through the eyes of Edge, a young hunter, as he witnesses evil rebels murder his mentor and abduct Azel, a young girl. Watch as they laugh at his tears. Here begins the ultimate quest for revenge. This is the story of "Panzer Dragoon Saga(TM)," a role-playing game (RPG) with action/adventure elements, created by Sega(R) of America for Sega Saturn(R).

"Panzer Dragoon Saga" sold out in its first week at retail. Sega has processed re-orders to fulfill consumer demand.

As Edge, your only means of defense is your determination and a mythical dragon with keen fighting powers and the ability to morph to better combat enemies. This quest opens the door to more than retribution, it unlocks the secrets of the ancient Empire -- the secrets that could end years of unanswered questions.

"Panzer Dragoon Saga" takes gamers through war-torn Empires with miles of forests, secret underground caverns, ancient ruins and towns. For the first time in the series, gamers have the freedom to explore the 3D worlds with full unrestricted 360-degree movement, encountering numerous enemies. A new and innovative combat engine allows players to fight all enemies, including a savage Baldor Queen and swarms of hideous flying Nanyds, in real-time, bringing a new level of action to this RPG.

Through the new real-time combat engine, Edge and his enemies now attack simultaneously using weapons, lasers or magic spells. The dragon has numerous attack mechanisms and can rotate around the enemies, searching for hidden weak points. However, the enemies are just as adroit with their own arsenal of attacks, poisons and spells.

When the going gets really tough, the dragon has a secret weapon to further assist in battle. Through morphing, the dragon changes shape in real-time and sharpens its abilities in four areas: "Defense" adds extra armor to the dragon; "Attack" allows the dragon to grow three deadly prongs on his head to increase his laser's fire power; "Speed" lengthens the dragon for a more aerodynamic shape; "Spiritual" gives the dragon magical powers to blast hordes of enemies. It is up to the player to "size up" the enemy and decide on the best morphing strategy for the dragon before engaging in battle.

Also a first in the "Panzer Dragoon" series, gamers can guide Edge through all worlds on or off the dragon, without pre-determined paths, to uncover secrets in the unexplored areas of the Empire with a wider panoramic field and complete freedom. Edge can now enjoy complete interactivity with everything he encounters -- strolling into stores he passes in town to buy weapons or trade items, speaking with all characters he meets to gain clues or information and eavesdropping on townspeople's conversations. Players can read books Edge buys, many of which reveal clues of where to go, or hints on how to better survive the city he may be visiting and unlock mysteries behind the other Panzer games.

"`Panzer Dragoon Saga' is an interactive epic adventure played out on four discs," said Andrew Stein, marketing manager, Sega of America. "All of the mystery surrounding the dragon and characters in the previous `Panzer Dragoon' games are now revealed throughout this role-playing experience."

No stone should be left unturned in this expansive adventure. The storyline branches and players decide the length and depth of the game depending on which path they take, whom they meet, the time of day they visit a world and what they uncover based on their level of experience. At certain times of day, some characters may be more willing to talk and give information than others, so players must take advantage of the massive replay value to find all clues and secrets.

To further expand the replay value and to keep gamers guessing, various hidden elements or "Easter eggs" can be uncovered, including three hidden dragons, one of which is the dragon from the original "Panzer Dragoon." Three mini games can be unlocked in which gamers can have racing or shooting competitions with the characters. Also unique to "Panzer Dragoon Saga" is a "tamogachi" feature in which players score extra points based on the level of love and care given to the dragon throughout the game.

"Panzer Dragoon Saga" is available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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