Press release: 1998-11-24: ACCESS Powers Sega's Dreamcast, the Next-generation 128-bit TV-game Machine, with Dream Passport -- for Internet Access with NetFront and Internet Security with Secure Socket Layer

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 TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 24, 1998--Access Co., Ltd. and Sega Enterprises announced that Sega's Dreamcast(TM) will be shipped together with Dream Passport(TM) CD. The Dream Passport CD contains Access' NetFront(TM) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Sega will ship this powerful 128-bit TV-game machine Dreamcast along with Dream Passport CD on November 27th in Japan.

Built with the latest technology, Dreamcast is the next-generation home TV-game machine that delivers the highest performance including the support of computer graphics with more than three million polygons per second, a simultaneous 64-channel sound system and a high-speed internal modem for the first time for TV-game machines. Game players can enjoy network features by simply connecting a telephone line to Dreamcast.

Access' NetFront 2.0, widely adopted for information appliances in Japan, is a modularized, comprehensive embedded software suite for consumer Internet appliances and embedded systems. NetFront offers system designers a cost-effective, turnkey solution with software modules and open APIs that consist of a WWW browser, Email, HTML parser, TCP/IP, PPP and other network communication modules. It supports the latest WWW standard specifications. Other complementary modules include Crypt module for encryption, compact Secure Socket Layer (SSL) module for Internet security, and Internet Personal Information Manager (PIM).

Dream Passport -- Accessing Internet As Easy As Playing A Game

Dream Passport is an easy Internet access software that consists of Access' NetFront and SSL modules. With Dreamcast's high-performance hardware and friendly operation for home use, Dream Passport lets users access the web, e-mail, and chat function simply with a game pad. User registration to Sega ISP and the initial configuration setting can be easily done with Dream Passport CD.

Networked Games Made Possible

Sega and Access will be offering the Internet access module as a library to game title developers for Dreamcast and Dream Passport. With the support of HTML3.2, frame, main features of HTML4.0, and SSL, secure and efficient communications over the Internet is guaranteed. Game developers can create game titles equipped with network functions such as e-mail, chat, web browsing, and other network communications. With the popularity of Sega's TV-game machines, networked game applications can be created quickly and delivered to millions of home TV-game players. Five software developers have started to use Dream Passport modules for their new applications. One of the popular applications for Dreamcast and Dream Passport is set-top box, which can be used as a low-price, high-quality multi-media terminal for electronic shopping and information kiosk terminal.

About Access

Access, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with an office in Santa Clara, California, is a leading Internet software company with its flagship products NetFront(TM); Compact NetFront, a compact HTML-based browser; and JV-Lite, a Java-compliant virtual machine. Since its inception, Access has established close working relationships with leading worldwide consumer electronics companies. Over one million units of software licenses have been shipped and adopted by more than 30 major consumer appliances makers for TVs, set top boxes, word processors, PDAs, car navigation systems, cellular and PHS phones, and dedicated terminals.

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