Press release: 1999-08-11: NYKO Technologies' `DC Commander' Controller Leads Lineup of Accessories Created for Sega Dreamcast Platform

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NYKO Technologies Inc., innovator of creative products for active gamers, announced the availability of a complete family of accessories designed to complement the exciting Sega Dreamcast video game console, shipping this September.

Created with bright, family-look packaging that fits into retailers' Sega accessories displays, the NYKO Sega Dreamcast family is headlined by the DC Commander advanced replacement controller, the ThunderPak force feedback unit, and the Memory Pak for Sega Dreamcast, each addressing features most popular with today's avid gamer.

"Sega's Dreamcast game platform is expected to be one of fall's hottest sellers and it will continue its success story well through the holiday season," said NYKO Vice President Sales and Marketing, Robert J. Rienick. "Our family of Dreamcast accessories and controllers complements this new Sega system, enhances its playing action, and offers retailers add-on sales and profits."

Including advanced features not found in the controller currently scheduled to be shipped with new Dreamcast, the NYKO DC Commander has six control buttons, compared with four on the Sega version. In addition, the ergonomically designed NYKO controller features left and right trigger buttons, a directional button, and an analog thumb pad.

The controller is also compatible with NYKO's visual memory cards. Available for immediate delivery, NYKO's DC Commander has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $29.99.

In addition to the DC Commander, NYKO has also included a special Memory Pak in its Sega Dreamcast line. Designed for use with all Dreamcast games compatible with the visual memory card feature, the Memory Pak for Sega Dreamcast saves and restores game's high scores, levels, special weapons and custom controller settings for later play. The Memory Pak allows up to 200 blocks of game save positions and it may be linked to other memory cards for game or data exchange.

NYKO's Dreamcast accessory line also includes universal and extender cables, an S-Video cable with stereo audio compatibility, and game switchers. In addition, NYKO is offering its Dreamcast Adaptor Cable free of all charges to those consumers who purchase or have previously purchased the RF Max 900.

NYKO Technologies markets NYKO-brand game accessory products. With headquarters in Los Angeles, the company was founded three years ago, and has focused on bringing innovative new designs to market for all leading handheld and console gaming systems.

For further information, contact Lisset Fernandez, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at NYKO Technologies, 888/444-NYKO, ext. 14. For product information on more cool stuff, go to NYKO's Web site, The company currently catalogs about 60 different SKUs for all major video game platforms.
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