Press release: 1999-09-05: THQ Makes Formal Commitment to Sega Dreamcast Game System

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THQ Makes Formal Commitment to Sega Dreamcast Game System; Action Driving Game ``Felony Pursuit'' for Dreamcast to Deliver Most Intense Chases Available on Any Console System.

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 5, 1999--

THQ Inc. (Nasdaq/NM:THQI) announced today its plans to publish games for the highly anticipated Sega Dreamcast console system.

THQ's first title announcement for Sega's new system is "Felony Pursuit(TM)," an urban car-chase game in which players take on both sides of the law. Developed by Paris-based Polygon Studio, THQ will publish "Felony Pursuit" for the Dreamcast in spring 2000.

"THQ has long been a supporter of Sega's console game systems," said Brian Farrell, president and chief executive officer of THQ. "With pre-orders for the system coming in at record numbers, the Sega Dreamcast looks to be a great opportunity for us to showcase our expanding product line."

About "Felony Pursuit"

"Felony Pursuit" takes place in the early 21st century and is set in a city with too many vehicles, too many criminals, and too many laws to enforce. This fast-paced car-chase adventure transforms players into police officers on the beat or criminals on the lam in a thrilling cat-and-mouse adventure.

A cool head during high-speed pursuits and fast reflexes are the keys to dominating "Felony Pursuit," as players learn the streets of a city designed by European architects and urban planners.

As the player negotiates complicated traffic patterns, congestion, traffic lights, pesky pedestrians and roadblocks, a last-minute tip from an all-important police band radio can mean the difference between a headline bust and a Mafia victory.

Rendered in an unmatched 3-D environment at up to 60 frames per second, "Felony Pursuit" features more than 100 miles of traffic-infested urban sprawl. Spread throughout five islands, the game offers more than 18 vehicle choices, realistic physics and 38 heart-stopping missions.

"The Dreamcast's next-generation capabilities set the perfect stage for `Felony Pursuit,'" said Michael Haller, senior vice president of THQ.

"The 128-bit 3-D processor and sophisticated graphics breathe life into the beautiful cityscapes, skylines, vehicles and continuous flashing lights of the game. The new system's CD-quality audio delivers `Felony Pursuit's' original score, requisite sirens, CB radio and breaking news reports with the quality required for a truly immersive car-chase experience."

"The Dreamcast system is capable of creating massive, living worlds on a console for the first time," said Thierry Proto, product development manager for Polygon Studio. "This is precisely the kind of power that brings the high-speed missions of `Felony Pursuit' to life."

Both the previously announced "Felony Pursuit" for PC and "Felony Pursuit" for Sega Dreamcast are scheduled for worldwide release in spring 2000. "Felony Pursuit" will release under the name "High-Speed Pursuit" in German-speaking territories of Europe.

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