Press release: 1999-09-08: Infogrames North America Gets Expendable With Sega Dreamcast; Intense Action Thriller To Release At Console Launch

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 8, 1999--

Infogrames North America, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software, today announced the shipment of Expendable(TM) for the launch of Sega's(R) new next-generation console, Dreamcast. Using the advanced technology of the Dreamcast system, the 80's reminiscent, nonstop action thriller, brings heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled combat to today's hardcore gamers.

Expendable brings a cloned space marine that is dropped into unfamiliar territory to life. On a timed mission to fight and eradicate hundreds of unknown life forms, you must terminate enemies that have destroyed the population of your world. In the midst of this non-stop battle to the death, you must never forget that you are Expendable.

"Expendable is Infogrames' gift to the serious gamer who has been waiting for a non-stop action/adventure blast-fest," says Greg Sarrail, product marketing manager for Infogrames North America's I-Motion Studio. "Expendable is the perfect game for the Dreamcast technology, as this game looks nothing short of spectacular."

As the battle progresses, gamers have the ability to fire over 15 forbidding weapons while journeying through a spectacular 3D environment. In addition to the technologically advanced graphics, dramatic lighting effects enhance the already suspenseful scenes. Other key features include cutting edge 3D graphics, over 20 levels of action combat, 2-player simultaneous co-operative mode, direct sound and EAX support.

Developed by Rage Software, the estimated street price for Expendable is $49.99 and can be found in all major retail outlets including Walmart, Babbages, Electronics Boutique, CompUSA, Target and others.

Infogrames is a global publisher of interactive entertainment software. Founded in 1983, the company ranks as one of the top entertainment software companies worldwide. Infogrames currently develops and distributes award-winning computer and video games for the PlayStation(R) game console, Nintendo(R) 64, Nintendo(R) Game Boy Color, Sega Dreamcast(TM), and personal computer platforms. Infogrames North America's headquarters are located in San Jose, California. For more information, please visit the company's website at
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