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SAN FRANCISCO (January 25, 2000) - Sega® of America, Inc. announced today the release of the action-packed horror game "Zombie Revenge™" for the 128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast™. A side story to the hit "The House of the Dead�" series, "Zombie Revenge" raises the walking undead from their graves again and it's up to players to put them back to sleep�permanently. The extremely detailed 3D graphics immerse gamers in realistic cinematic locations as they battle the less-than-festive parade of maniacal mutants. "Zombie Revenge" was developed using Sega's Naomi arcade technology, so the home version is a picture-perfect translation with exclusive features added just for Sega Dreamcast, including new modes and mini-games. "Zombie Revenge" is available at retailers nationwide for $49.95.

In "Zombie Revenge," the action starts in the town of Woodside City, where a government experiment to turn the undead into soldiers has gone awry. To remedy this dire situation, players assume the role of one of three characters--Stick Breitling, Linda Rotta, or Rikiya Busujima. Players can single-handedly punch, kick and shoot their way through hordes of zombies or opt to tag team the enemy with a friend. Each character has distinct combos, along with moves such as dash, guard, rolling, and charged attacks. Although players are equipped with firearms to fight the throngs of ghastly goons, any weapons found lying around - from flame-throwers to power drills - become fair game. For the nostalgic effect, some zombies are pulled straight from "House of the Dead," while others are fresh from the morgue.

"Sega has a deeply rooted heritage in the video game industry with a tradition of delivering ground-breaking arcade hits," said Charles Bellfield, director of marketing communications, Sega of America. "In 2000, we are moving ahead full throttle to meet gamers' demands by bringing these popular arcade titles to Sega Dreamcast with exclusive new features that makes the gameplay more dynamic than ever before."

"Zombie Revenge" features seven different interactive environments, each showcasing the incredible 3D graphics in the game, including warehouses, neighborhoods, subways, dark back alleys, and even the original House of the Dead area! Each character is also fully detailed, right down to the rotting flesh of their undead adversaries. The creepy realism of the zombies will keep gamers inside their homes for hours.

Exclusive features for the Sega Dreamcast version of "Zombie Revenge" include three new modes of gameplay: Original, Fighting, and Vs. Boss Mode. In the Original mode, players can choose the Normal (arcade single player) mode, the weaponless Bare Knuckle-style or the fully strapped Gun Mode. The Fighting Mode pits you against a friend or the computer in a one-on-one death match. Lastly, Vs. Boss Mode allows gamers to fight through each boss encounter without going through the stages in the game.

Also featured in the Sega Dreamcast version will be two VMU mini-games: Zombie Fishing and Zombie Doubt. Zombie Fishing is a ghoulish version of "Sega Bass Fishing�," which involves reeling in the underwater undead. The Zombie Doubt mini-game is an exercise in memory skills. Based on how well you do on these mini-games, along with the collection of items from Original mode, you raise a zombie hero or heroine to do battle in Fighting mode, while also unlocking secrets in Original mode.

"Zombie Revenge" is currently available at retailers nationwide and at for $49.95

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