Press release: 2000-03-08: Infogrames North America's Test Drive Off-Road 3 Climbs to New Heights On Sega Dreamcast

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 8, 2000

Mud-Slinging Driving Game Includes the Worldwide Hummer(R) License, Exclusive For Racing Game Format

Infogrames North America, Inc., a leading publisher of entertainment software, announced today that Test Drive Off-Road(TM)3, the third incarnation of its highly successful Test Drive Off-Road franchise, is being developed for the Sega Dreamcast game console. The "No roads, No rules" racing game will be available in June 2000.

"The real-world locations and assortment of licensed off-road vehicles in Test Drive Off-Road 3 will reach a new level of realism and action on Sega(R) Dreamcast(TM)," said Laddie Ervin, director of marketing for sports and racing at Infogrames North America, Inc. "The unbridled, muddy racing mayhem that Test Drive Off-Road 3 delivers will be a welcome addition to the growing number of titles available for the Sega Dreamcast."

Test Drive Off-Road 3 lets players become racing strategists by modifying their vehicles to create the ideal truck for a specific track. Tires, transmission and suspension can all be upgraded, allowing the player to tune their truck in order to enhance performance. For example, the player may outfit a Ford Explorer with a torque package, heavy duty tires and soft shocks to handle the rigors of the ice covered Rockies.

Developed by Player One in Los Angeles, Test Drive Off-Road 3 features a refined engine that takes advantage of the advanced graphical capabilities of the Sega Dreamcast, like alpha channels and mip mapping. The Sega Dreamcast also allows detailed animations, making destructible objects fly and tumble through the air when struck by a vehicle. Players will be able to drive their vehicles through obstacles and barriers, as well as smash into trees and fences to expose alternative pathways and shortcuts.

Test Drive Off-Road 3 offers more than 15 licensed vehicles, including an exclusive license for a racing game format, with the AM General Hummer(R). Additional vehicles include, Dodge(R) Ram V12, Dodge(R) T-Rex and the Dodge(R) Shelby Durango SP360, Ford Explorer, Ford F150, Saleen Explorer, Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle, Jeep(R) Wrangler and Jeep(R) Grand Cherokee, Land Rover(R) Defender 90, Nissan(R) Pathfinder and the Nissan(R) Frontier Truck, Subaru(R) Outback and the Isuzu(R) Vehicross.

Test Drive Off-Road 3 features 11 tracks in real world locations, including the swamplands of New Orleans, Louisiana; the snow covered mountains of Tibet; the hot sands of Egypt; the city streets of New York under a blizzard; the countryside of Vermont in the fall; the treacherous mountainside of Mt. Fuji; the deep, dark and foreboding Black Forest in Germany and many others.

Test Drive Off-Road 3's licensed soundtrack features Eve 6 with Leech and How much Longer and Blink 182 with Going Away To College. Also included on the soundtrack are Incubus, Diesel Boy, and Girls Against Boys.

Test Drive Off-Road 3, scheduled to ship in June 2000, will feature two-player split screen and is compatible with the Agetec Rally Wheel. For more information visit the Test Drive Off-Road 3 web site at

Infogrames Entertainment, S.A. (Paris Bourse: SICOVAM 5257) is a worldwide leader in the interactive entertainment software industry. Headquartered in France, the company develops and publishes award-winning computer and video games for the PlayStation(R) game console, Nintendo(R) 64, Nintendo(R) Game Boy(R) Color, Sega(R) Dreamcast(TM), and personal computer platforms. Founded in 1983 by its chairman and CEO, Bruno Bonnell, Infogrames' 17-year history has produced many award-winning franchises, such as Test Drive(R), V-Rally(TM), Independence War(TM), HardBall(R), and Alone In The Dark(TM). The company is also known for its long list of well-known licenses including Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes(TM), Mission: Impossible(TM), Le Mans(R), AM General Hummer(R), Harley-Davidson(R), and Dodge(R) Viper.

Based in San Jose, California, Infogrames North America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment and serves as the headquarters for the company's operations in North America. For more information, visit Infogrames' web site at
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