Press release: 2000-05-01: Midway's ``4 Wheel Thunder'' Burns Serious Video Game Rubber; Off-Road Racing Game Comes Home On Sega Dreamcast

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Midway Games Inc., a leading software industry publisher and developer, announced that "4 Wheel Thunder(TM)" will be available for Sega Dreamcast(TM) at retail outlets tomorrow.

This next-generation off-road racer is the second release in Midway's "Thunder(TM)" series, which first launched with the popular arcade and home-console speed boat racing video game "Hydro Thunder(TM)."

"4 Wheel Thunder" is a high-speed racing game featuring graphics that make the most of Sega Dreamcast at 60 frames per second. Players have the ability to choose from more than 30 off-road vehicles and 30 intense tracks, five of which are reserved exclusively for multiplayer races.

Performance upgrades such as turbo, fender, brakes, exhaust and "Super Boost," just to name a few, allow players to race with the ultimate in off-road vehicles.

"Midway's over-the-top 'Thunder' series is successful for both arcade and home-gaming consoles," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway Games. "On the land or on the water, the 'Thunder' series is popular because of its graphics-rich presentation and super-fast, crazy-fun gameplay."

In "4 Wheel Thunder," players enter an off-road championship race that tests their mettle against skilled racers. During the championship, a wager can be placed against opponents, with the winnings used to upgrade a vehicle's performance. Set amidst visually stunning desert winds, icy mountains and twisting roads, "4 Wheel Thunder" is optimized for Sega Dreamcast's 3-D capabilities.

"4 Wheel Thunder" Key Features:

-- 60 frames per second graphics engine designed to make the most of Sega Dreamcast;
-- 30 different vehicles to choose from including: quads, dune buggies and monster trucks;
-- 30 exceptionally detailed tracks, including five that are reserved exclusively for multiplayer play;
-- Supported by the Jump Pack and VMU;
-- Visual effects are exceptional and bring reflection, shading, sparks and skid marks;
-- Weather effects such as rain, fog, storm effects, mud, dust and others effect driving; and
-- For one or two players.

Midway is backing the launch of "4 Wheel Thunder" with a marketing campaign that includes advertising in game enthusiast, consumer print publications and broadcast outlets. Additionally, participating retailers will carry in-store POP, posters and shelf talkers.

Midway's upcoming "Thunder" products include "Offroad Thunder," which was recently launched in the arcade and is being developed for home console release later this year.

Midway Games is a leading interactive entertainment industry developer, publisher and marketer of software for both the coin-operated and home markets. Midway games are available for play on all major dedicated home game platforms, including Nintendo(R) 64 and Game Boy(R) Color, PlayStation(R) game console, Sega Dreamcast(TM), and personal computers.

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