Press release: 2000-07-13: The Fluff has Hit the Fan!; Fur Fighters Arrives in Stores

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Acclaim Entertainment (NASDAQ:AKLM), a leading worldwide interactive entertainment company, today announced that Fur Fighters for Sega Dreamcast(TM) will ship to retail stores nationwide beginning today, July 13.

Developed by Bizarre Creations, Fur Fighters is a genre-busting adventure game in which gamers are tasked to play the role of all six heavily-armed animal liberators on a mission to rescue their children from the Evil General Viggo.

"Fur Fighters combines all of the action from first person shooters with the puzzle solving elements of a traditional platform game, all with an incredible sense of humor," said Evan Stein, Brand Director for Acclaim Entertainment. "The result is an ingenious, premier adventure for Sega Dreamcast featuring characters and a storyline unlike anything we've seen on the market."

Fur Fighters begins as the Evil General Viggo kidnaps the adorable infants of each Fur Fighter and hides them throughout the game universe. The Fur Fighters must unite to conquer the Evil General and reclaim their babies. To successfully complete the game, players must utilize the unique, special abilities given to each Fur Fighter. For example, Juliette the cat can easily climb walls, Rufus the dog is notorious for his ability to dig holes, and Rico the penguin can swim and dive in deep water. Gamers must solve a huge variety of puzzles - from simple switches to complex multi-phase challenges requiring thought, exploration and action. Each puzzle is linked to the storyline, and allows the player to progress through the game and rescue the captured Fur Fighter babies.

Fur Fighters marketing focuses on the dichotomy of the characters and game play. With headlines like "Deady Bear," "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a he's Dead," and "Make a Killing in the Fur Trade," the in-game humor is accurately reflected. Fur Fighters is heavily supported with an award winning print campaign, in store POS, a state-of-the-art website at and the Sega Dreamcast's first ever lenticular packaging.

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