Press release: 2000-10-16: Sega Hooks Players With Marine Fishing for Dreamcast

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Sega Hooks Players With Marine Fishing for Dreamcast; Sequel to Top Selling "Sega Bass Fishing" Gives Players the Thrill of Deep Sea Fishing


Sega(R) of America is "reeling them in" again with the release of "Sega Marine Fishing(TM)" for the 128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast(TM) videogame console. "Sega Marine Fishing," sequel to last year's hit "Sega Bass Fishing(TM)," brings all of the thrills and action of deep sea fishing to Dreamcast. Players are challenged to use the popular Sega fishing reel peripheral to catch a huge variety of aquatic sealife including Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Tarpon, Tuna and the ferocious Mako Shark. The bigger the fish, the more points to be earned!

"Sega Marine Fishing," takes players out of the lake and puts them out on the ocean. They'll depart on an all day charter to any one of three beautiful fishing locations, modeled after famous spots from around the world. Explore a breathtaking coral reef in the warm Pacific; visit the Offing, the deepest water in the Sega Sea (and home to the biggest fish); or dare to brave the Shallows, where treacherous surf crashing onto the shore may hinder the quest for the ultimate trophy--the dangerous Mako Shark!

"`Sega Marine Fishing' takes players to the next level of virtual fishing, challenging them with advanced AI, bigger and heavier fish, and a much greater area to cover," said Stacey Kerr, product manager, Sega of America.

"Sega Marine Fishing" players must choose from 16 different lures in the tackle box, or they can create their own in hopes of catching the biggest fish in the sea. The game's advanced AI technology simulates real fish behavior, and varied real-time underwater camera angles provide an even more challenging fishing experience. "Sega Marine Fishing" incorporates three playable characters and five different stages loaded with fun that will keep players coming back for more.

In addition, players can try their hand at five mini games such as Fight Training, Lure Training, Casting Training, Fishing Training, and Total Weight. Players can even create their own personal aquarium where different fish and items are earned to put into view. In addition to all of this, Network Mode will make it possible to download and then upload different contests and compare fish to those of other users. There's plenty to keep players fully entertained even if their fishing excursion comes up empty-handed!

Players who successfully complete all three fishing locations before time runs out advance to the special bonus area, where the ultra challenging round will have them believing sea monsters really do exist!

To get the most out of "Sega Marine Fishing," players can feel the fish tugging on their line using the Dreamcast fishing controller which features force feedback. But be sure not to reel them in too fast or the line will break!

"Sega Marine Fishing" is available now in retail stores nationwide or at at a suggested retail price of $39.95 for the game and $34.95 for the controller. "Sega Marine Fishing" is rated E for Everyone.

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