Press release: 2000-11-07: Experience the Music of a Masterpiece With 'Shenmue Limited Edition'; Special Edition of Anticipated Dreamcast Game -- Shenmue -- Includes CD Containing Original Musical Scores

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In time for the launch of "Shenmue(TM)" for the Sega Dreamcast(TM) the most cinematic video game this holiday season, Sega(R) of America will ship a special "Shenmue Limited Edition" version to select retailers nationwide. Signed by legendary video game developer Yu Suzuki, The "Shenmue Limited Edition" features a bonus 5th music CD in addition to the four "Shenmue" game discs. Inspired by Yu Suzuki, the music CD will contain tracks including more than 10 original orchestral scores from "Shenmue."

"Shenmue" is a cinematic epic featuring hundreds of speaking characters, a highly interactive 3D world, groundbreaking real-time environments and an online component to enhance gameplay. In "Shenmue," players assume the role of Ryo Hazuki, a young man on a mission to unravel the mystery of his father's death. "Shenmue" was featured among Newsweek's "top five games at E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo]" and was given four out of four stars from Time Digital this fall.

"Shenmue" and the "Shenmue Limited Edition" have a suggested retail price of $49.95 and will be available on in addition to retail stores nationwide. Both versions hit shelves November 7th and are rated "Teen."
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