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It's Party Time With Sonic Shuffle for Sega Dreamcast; The Blue Dude With a 'Tude Takes 'Party' Games to the Next Level of Excitement.


Get in your RSVP! Today Sega(R) of America throws the ultimate party and everyone is invited when Sonic the Hedgehog(TM) and friends make their debut in "Sonic Shuffle" for the 128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast(TM) videogame console. This fun and action-packed party game takes America's favorite hedgehog and puts him in a whole new magical world filled with mini-challenges and other unique surprises. With comic book like characters, real-time 3D environment models and different gameplay modes, gamers will be immersed in an interactive world where they will be entertained for hours.

In "Sonic Shuffle," the Guardian Angel Illumina needs help. A mysterious monster, Void has locked up the power of the Precioustones, powerful crystals made from the dreams and hopes of people from every dimension. It's up to Sonic and his friends to help recover the Precioustones and save the land of Maginary Whirl from the torment of a thousand bad dreams.

"Sonic Shuffle" takes place on a game board where mini-games, bosses and trivia await players. There are 5 adventure boards to choose from, each with its own unique themes including a magical train, mysterious amusement park and a spooky tower! Movement on the board is determined by drawing cards from a digital deck, each card tells you how many spaces to advance. To keep things interesting, gamers have the option of playing in different modes such as Story mode and Battle mode.

Players can choose one of eight Sega characters, each with their own special moves, attacks and abilities, to journey across the board during the quest to confront Void and retrieve the Precioustones. The game becomes even more exciting and truly interactive when gamers play with three of his or her friends to compete and see who will be the first to get the Precioustones.

"'Sonic Shuffle' will be a treat for the entire family bringing the fun of board games to life in exciting 3D interactive games packed with surprises," said Gwen Marker, marketing communications manager, Sega of America. "With different mini-games that have players battle one on three, two on two, button jamming and on a split screen, kids of all ages will want to join in the fun."

"Sonic Shuffle" is now available for $39.95 in retail stores nationwide or at and is rated E for Everyone.

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The 128-bit Internet ready Sega Dreamcast is available in the United States with a built-in 56K modem, allowing for full Internet functionality via SegaNet, the only high-speed online console gaming network and ISP service for Dreamcast and PC users. Dreamcast currently has over 100 titles available. The total Dreamcast game library count will be more than 200 by December 2000.

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