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TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 17, 2001

Sega(R) Corporation (Head office: Tokyo; Representative Director of President: Hideki Sato) today announced that the company delivers its top selling titles to Nintendo(R) GAMECUBE planned to be launched on Sept. 14, 2001 in Japan by Nintendo Corporation (Head office: Kyoto; President: Hiroshi Yamauchi).

Sega's studio companies are developing total 10 game contents for Nintendo(R) GAMECUBE. Among those, 2 titles from the Amusement Vision (Head Office: Tokyo; President: Toshihiro Nagoshi), and 1 title from the Sonic Team (Head office: Tokyo; President: Yuji Naka) are ready to announce today.

The Amusement Vision is developing "Super Monkey Ball(TM)" (working title), just launched in arcade, which is a simple action game to play with cute monkeys. Also, the company is working on the world renowned "Virtua Striker(TM) 3 Ver.2002" (working title), originally an arcade soccer game built in the latest arcade NAOMI 2 board.

In addition, the Sonic Team delivers the best selling "Phantasy Star Online(TM) for GC" (working title), first launched on Sega's Dreamcast last December, a network roll playing game.

Following the three big titles, Sega groups continue to bring Sega's popular titles, expected total 10 titles, to Nintendo GAMECUBE, using Sega's strength and resources of developing great games.

Sega has just announced its multiplatform strategies in January to become the worldwide leader in interactive entertainment. Being as a contents powerhouse, the company will continue to bring titles for users to enjoy worldwide.

Titles to be released for Nintendo GAMECUBE

"Super Monkey Ball(TM)" (working title) launching in Fall 2001

"Virtua Striker(TM) 3 Ver.2002" (working title) launching in Spring 2002

"Phantasy Star Online(TM) for GC" (working title) launch date TBD

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"Super Monkey Ball(TM)" (working title) Outline

- The latest arcade game launching onto Nintendo GAMECUBE!!

The latest arcade game just launched in May 2001, Japan, "Super Monkey Ball(TM)" (working title), is now emerging for Nintendo GAMECUBE! The rules are simple; you just roll cute monkeys to the goal! It is the new action puzzle game, and you will soon be addicted.

"Super Monkey Ball(TM)" (working title) has developed more powerful graphics compared to the original arcade version. Also the game offers 4 players split screens and allows up to 4 people to play at the same time. In addition, it has other various new features to play fun and exciting!

"Super Monkey Ball(TM)"(working title) entertains a party of people, while the original arcade game is for 1 play with banana shaped joystick.

- Simple rules for everyone

It is incredibly easy to play for everyone from children to parents without any complicating operation. With only 1 analog stick, you can control hills up-and-down, bringing monkeys inside the balls to the goal.

This is such a simple action game!

You have to be very careful to control the ball, but you don't have much time to reach the goal in time! In addition, there are several traps and gimmicks on the way of each floor that makes rolling the balls more thrilling and exciting.

- Eat bananas or not? That's a tough question!

Despite simple and easy, the game has deep battle plan in depth. You will find bananas here and there on each floor, and 100 bananas give you 1up. It is important strategy to get as many bananas as you can during the game. It will save you in later games; however, you might not want to concentrate too much on finding bananas or you will miss traps...

It's up to you whatever strategies to choose. "Super Monkey Ball(TM)" (working title) is friendly to every user.

- Find your own routes! That'll give you more fun!

Don't you assume there is only one route to the goal. There actually exist several possible routes which might save your time, give you extra events, hidden games, etc... "Super Monkey Ball(TM)" (working title) will never be completed with full of idea. Using those techniques, let's try to get the perfect scores without any mistakes. Also you can enjoy finding some hidden games.

About the product
Publisher: Sega Corporation
Launch date: Fall 2001
Price: unknown
Genre: action

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"Virtua Striker(TM) 3 Ver.2002" (working title) Outline

The long time world No.1 arcade title for its popularity and sales performance, "Virtua Striker(TM) 3 Ver.2002" (working title) will be launched on Nintendo GAMECUBE!

"Virtua Striker" series is a soccer game with simple operation yet various moves, which allow players to enjoy virtual soccer.

The series first started with "Virtua Striker 1" (1995), followed by "Virtua Striker 2" (1997), "Virtua Striker 2 Version `98" (May 1998), "Virtua Striker 2 Version `99" (December 1998), "Virtua Striker 2 Version 2000" (December 1999), and "Virtua Striker 3" (Spring 2001) until today.

On Nintendo GAMECUBE, it reappears its real graphics brought by Sega's innovative technologies. Additionally, it is added new system to play more powerful and exciting. Also it specializes own system exclusively for the video game console, which cannot find for arcade machines, and players can choose and create their own characters and teams.

- What is "Virtua Striker" Series?

Introduction of "Virtua Striker" Series

-- "Virtua Striker"/ 1995/ MODEL 2 board/ 18 countries entry

The first 3D computer graphics sports game in the world. Unique features such as break-in battle is also to enjoy besides soccer play.

-- "Virtual Striker 2"/ 1997/ MODEL 3 board/ 24 countries entry

Tactics situational switching built in. The first version in sports game with "MODEL 3" (the world No.1 CG board at the time, mutual developed by Sega and Rocky `d Martin). It gave the ground-breaking impact with 1 million polygons, 1/60s graphics, as if it was a real TV program. The new system allowed players easily to switch Defensive, Normal, and Offensive, giving more tolerance to play the game.

-- "Virtua Striker 2 Version '98"/ May 1998/ MODEL 3 board/ 24 countries entry

Tactics situational switching built in. Selectable formations. Using official ball and uniforms. Launched in the year of Worldcup open, 1998. The country selection is the same as the actual entry countries in the Worldcup.

-- "Virtua Striker 2 Version `99"/ December 1998/ MODEL 3 board/ 27 countries entry

Tactics situational switching built in. Selectable formations working with Tactics switching. New elements added in the game system.

-- "Virtua Striker 2 Version 2000"/ July 1999/ NAOMI board/ 32 countries entry

Tactics situational switching built in. Selectable formations working with Tactics switching. Formation, characters, players data updated, based on the information from International Competition held in 1999. With improved internal movements, it allows to play an almost real game.

-- "Virtua Striker 2 Version 2000. 1"/ December 1999/ Dreamcast/ 32 countries entry

Finally launched onto Dreamcast, a video game console. "International Cup mode" built exclusively in Dreamcast. The new programs such as tournament composition, offside, yellow card, and red card.

-- "Virtua Striker 3"/ Spring 2001/ NAOMI 2 board/ 32 countries entry

-- Applied with the latest NAOMI 2 board! Greatly improvement in
-- Higher quality and motion for player characters.
-- Improving skills on each character.
-- Update the date of formation and characters.
-- Yellow card, Red card, Offside rules

About the product:
Publisher: Sega Corporation
Launch date: Spring 2002
Price: unknown
Genre: Sports

Company and product names in this press release are the registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.

"Phantasy Star Online(TM) for GC" Outline

Sega's worldwide network RPG, "Phantasy Star Online(TM)," is finally to be released for Nintendo GAMECUBE!

"Phantasy Star Online" for Dreamcast is built-in "Word Select System," automatic translation machine corresponding 5 languages including Japanese, English, French, German, and Spanish, to enable users to communicate worldwide. It is widely appraised with totally 12 awards inside and outside Japan, including Grandprix from the 5th Japan Game Grandprix at the 2001 Tokyo Game Show.

It is the first home network RPG in the world, applying in the broadband network. The number of the user members has been over 2.6 millions as of April 30, 2001. This top ranked number proves that network play is well in shape and growing more in the future.

As well as for Dreamcast, "Phantasy Star Online(TM) for GC" is applied Sega's contents technologies and network strategies, for more users to enjoy networking. Even offline, it is playable with up to 4 people so that they have face-to-face communication, essential communication in entertainment.

Delivering the Dreamcast's quality and service through "Phantasy Star Online" as well for Nintendo GAMECUBE, Sega is striving to the realization of global network entertainment. The company promises to become the world's leading publisher of interactive entertainment with the multiplatform strategies across all video game platforms.

- note: "Phantasy Star Online" for Dreamcast launch date

Japan) Dec. 21, 2000 USA) January 2001 Europe) February 2001

Game content

Galaxy searching RPG, users meet online from anywhere in the world and play together in a party of up to four, and communicate in chat on the screen.

About the product
Publisher: Sega Corporation
Launch date: unknown
Price: unknown
Genre: Network RPG
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