Prime Selection Vol. 1

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Prime Selection Vol. 1
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Demo disc

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn

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Prime Selection Vol. 1 (プライムセレクションVol.1) is a demo disc for the Sega Saturn, released exclusively in Japan. It is seemingly a somewhat little known release, and as such is difficult to come by.

The disc contains 5 video previews for Saturn games and a single level playable demo of the first level of Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Daibouken Gekan.

The demo of Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Daibouken Gekan has a burn/compile date of 20 days prior to that of the Japanese retail release of the game, and as such there are a few object/enemy differences seen within the demo, among other small differences.


Clockwork Knight 2 Demo Differences

Title Screen

  • Copyright date text different, and has a black outline, matching other previously discovered pre-release footage of the game.
  • The "Options" menu is unselectable.

Kid's Room 1 - Main Path

  • No character support message shown.
  • Loading screen has the "LOADING" text missing.
  • "Katchin' " enemies have Green pencils and not Red.
  • Egg gives a single coin instead of a bronze key.
  • "Pierron" enemies are in a formation of only 3 rather than 5, and are spaced out much further, making the 1-UP bonus via the egg impossible to do.
  • Another "Perrion" is hiding in the background and jumps out at you.
  • Just before the pit of death after the first turn of the level, there is a "Katchin' " enemy. Very easy to fall onto from above.
  • After using the wind-up stairs to walk on the climbing frame, an extra "Katchin' " enemy is placed above the first "Tick" enemy, right before the floating platforms you can jump over to.
  • Some of the "Katchin' " enemies are closer to the edge than in the final,making getting hit easier.
  • There is an additional "Tick" enemy on the final yellow bar of the climbing frame.
  • Jumping off of the climbing frame there are only 4 pocket watches at first, but then rest on the way down are the same.
  • After the wind-up stairs, there is usually an egg with a bronze key, but this has been replaced with a "Katchin' " enemy.
  • After the first wind up platforms with the Invincibility hidden in the egg, there are usually a row of 5 "Pierron", but in this version there are only 3, making the 1-UP bonus via the tree impossible to do.
  • The "Katchin' " enemy underneath the second set of wind up platforms does not instantly die when the platforms are wound, but does die when the platforms fall back inwards.
  • The egg underneath the second set of wind up platforms gives you a bronze key instead of a silver key.
  • After using the second set of wind-up stairs to walk on the second climbing frame, "Katchin' " enemies are noticed to be closer to the edge again, making getting hit easier.
  • "Tick" enemy on second yellow bar of climbing frame.
  • "Tick" enemy on third yellow bar of climbing frame.
  • On the first jump to the left, there are usually 5 pocket watches and 1 coin. There is an additional pocket watch in this version.
  • After the wind-up stairs, there is a "Pierron"

Kid's Room 1 - Lower Path

  • Secret route to room with pencils on the left hand side not accessible.
  • Extra "Katchin' " after the one by the bottomless pit when travelling rightward.
  • Egg towards the right hand end of lower path usually has Gold Key inside, but it is Silver in this version.

Kid's Room 1 - Alternate Path (Via box on floating platforms)

  • "Katchin' " enemies have Green pencils and not Red.
  • "Pierron" closer to doorway making it easier to accidentally get hit.
  • Extra "Katchin' " enemy on top of box to leave the area.
  • Hidden path leading to Le Bon race usually has 5 coins to collect.This remains the same, but a 1-UP is placed at the end of the path.
  • Le Bon race not accessible.

Kid's Room 2 - Demo Screen

  • Loading screen has the text "LOADING" missing.
  • Complete lack of "Heatman" enemies.
  • 2 "Katchin' " in place of first "Heatman" enemy.
  • No playing card.
  • First and second "Katchin' "' at the falling toy section closer to the left than usual.
  • Graphical glitching as the player turns towards the camera after falling toy section.

Physical scans

Saturn, JP

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Technical information

Main article: Prime Selection Vol. 1/Technical information.

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
233,732,352 1995-06-15 CD-ROM (JP) 610-6033 V1.002