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RazorSoft, Inc. was an American toy manufacturer[4] and video game publisher, and one of the earliest third-party publishers for the North American Sega Genesis.

The majority of RazorSoft's releases were developed by their subsidiary Punk Development.


In 1991, the relationship between Punk Development was ended, and its founder Jeff Spangenberg started a new studio composed mostly of former Punk Development staff: Iguana Entertainment.[5]


RazorSoft, Inc. v. Sega of America, Inc.

In 1991, disagreements between RazorSoft and Sega over the cost and order size of Sega's proprietary Sega Mega Drive cartridges[6][7] led to the game Stormlord being released in a smaller run of self-manufactured cartridges (as opposed to purchasing them directly from Sega, as contractually-obliged.)[6] While the company still paid full royalties to Sega[6][7], their developer license was revoked in June 1991, and Sega refused to publish any of their future games. RazorSoft then sued for breach of the Sherman Antitrust Act on July 22, 1991, with Sega then counter-suing both RazorSoft and Punk Development in August for copyright infringement and breach of contract.[8][9]

The final outcome was settled out of court, with RazorSoft agreeing to purchase future cartridges from Sega, having their developer license restored, and Sega dropping the lawsuit. [6]

RazorSoft, Inc. v. Maktal, Inc.