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ROD ES 01.pdf
Revista Oficial Dreamcast
Publisher: Hobby Press
Country of origin: Spain
Backed systems: Sega Dreamcast
First issue date: 1999-12-20
Last issue date: 2001-xx-xx
Number of issues: 19 (+4 "supplements")
Frequency: Monthly
ISSN: 424094-810048

Revista Oficial Dreamcast (in English, Official Dreamcast Magazine), is a Spanish magazine printed by Hobby Press S.A., better known as the company behind the Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas. The magazine was launched with two supplements appearing in Hobby Consolas in October and November 1999 and one in Micromanía, another Hobby Press magazine, in October 1999.

The magazine itself launched on 20 December 1999, serving as the distributor of DreamOn discs for Spain. It was cancelled when Sega stopped producing said discs and Hobby Press alleged those were what ensured the profitability of the magazine[1]. At the end of the magazine's run, a final supplement was included in the August 2001 issue of Hobby Consolas.


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Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 Logo-pdf.svg Enero 2000 1999-12-20[2] 975Ptas975
ROD ES 01.pdf
2 Logo-pdf.svg Febrero 2000 2000-0x-xx 975Ptas975 8424094810048-00002
ROD ES 02.pdf
3 Logo-pdf.svg Marzo 2000 2000-0x-xx 975Ptas975
ROD ES 03.pdf
4 Logo-pdf.svg Abril 2000 2000-0x-xx 975Ptas975
ROD ES 04.pdf
5 Logo-pdf.svg Mayo 2000 2000-0x-xx 975Ptas975 8424094810048-00005
ROD ES 05.pdf
6 Logo-pdf.svg Junio 2000 2000-0x-xx 975Ptas975
ROD ES 06.pdf
7 Logo-pdf.svg Julio 2000 2000-0x-xx 975Ptas975
ROD ES 07.pdf
8 Logo-pdf.svg Agosto 2000 2000-0x-xx 975Ptas975
ROD ES 08.pdf
9 Logo-pdf.svg Septiembre 2000 2000-0x-xx 975Ptas975
ROD ES 09.pdf
10 Logo-pdf.svg Octubre 2000 2000-xx-xx 975Ptas975 8424094810048-00010
ROD ES 10.pdf
11 Logo-pdf.svg Noviembre 2000 2000-xx-xx 975Ptas975
ROD ES 11.pdf
12 Logo-pdf.svg Diciembre 2000 2000-xx-xx 975Ptas975
ROD ES 12.pdf
13 Logo-pdf.svg Enero 2001 200x-xx-xx 995Ptas995
ROD ES 13.pdf
14 Logo-pdf.svg Febrero 2001 2001-xx-xx 995Ptas995 8424094810048-00014
ROD ES 14.pdf
15 Logo-pdf.svg Marzo 2001 2001-xx-xx 995Ptas995
ROD ES 15.pdf
16 Logo-pdf.svg Abril 2001 2001-xx-xx 995Ptas995 8424094810048-00016
ROD ES 16.pdf
17 Logo-pdf.svg Mayo 2001 2001-04-17 995Ptas995
ROD ES 17.pdf
18 Logo-pdf.svg Junio 2001 2001-05-25 995Ptas995 8424094810048-00018
ROD ES 18.pdf
19 Logo-pdf.svg Julio 2001 2001-xx-xx 995Ptas995 8424094810048-00019
ROD ES 19.pdf


ROD ES free supplement 1.pdf

Supplement #1 (October 1999)
ROD ES free supplement 1.pdf

ROD ES free supplement 2.pdf

Supplement #2 (November 1999)
ROD ES free supplement 2.pdf


ROD ES 19 supplement.pdf

Issue #19 - Hobby Consolas supplement
ROD ES 19 supplement.pdf


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