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Richard L. Green
Place of birth: United States
Date of birth: 1962
Date of death: 2000-10-17 (age 37-38)
Employment history:
Surf Trip, Inc.
Role(s): Endorser

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Richard "Ric" L. Green[1][2], also known by the nickname Greendog, was an American surfer and businessman notable for creating the obscure 1988 board game Surf Trip, later licensed by Sega of America and loosely adapted into the Sega Mega Drive action platform game Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!.


Originally residing in Huntington Beach, California, Ric Green initially worked in construction. After patenting a tire-changing tool at the age of 18, he burst into the toy business with the invention of a velcro-coated foam football and glove set a few years later in 1985 whose rights he sold[3] for a good amout of money to Los Angeles-based company Astro Timer, Inc.[4], who subsequently licensed it to Carson-based toy company Wham-O Inc. which sold it in the United States under the brand name "Sure Catch"[5].

Sometime later, Ric moved to Manhattan Beach, California with his wife Ana Green (née Montoya), and invested some of the money in the creation of a surfing board game called Surf Trip[6][7][8][9][10], illustrated by American artist Cam de Leon[11][12], that he self-published in 1988 under the business name of Surf Trip, Inc.[2][6], whose mascot, a blond, mop-topped and very laid-back surfer called Greendog, a caricature of Ric Green's himself when younger, served as the basis and inspiration for the Sega Mega Drive video game Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!.


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