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Ric Green
Date of birth: 1962
Date of death: 2000-10-17 (age 37-38)
Company(ies): Surf Trip, Inc.

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Ric Green[1] (Richard L. Green[2]), was a Californian surfer-turned-inventor and former construction worker from Huntington Beach.

After patenting, a tire-changing tool at the age of 18, he burst into the toy business with the invention of a velcro-coated foam football and glove a few years later in 1985 whose rights he sold[3] for a good amout of money to Los Angeles-based company Astro Timer, Inc.[4], who subsequently licensed it to Carson-based toy company Wham-O Inc. which sold it in the United States under the brand name "Sure Catch"[5].

Sometime later, Ric moved to Manhattan Beach, California with his wife Ana Green (neé Montoya), and invested some of the money in the creation of a surfing board game called Surf Trip[6][7][8][9], illustrated by American artist Cam de Leon[10][11], that he self-published in 1988 under the business name of Surf Trip, Inc.[2][6], whose mascot, a blond, mop-topped and very laid-back surfer called Greendog, a caricature of Ric Green's himself when younger, served as the basis and inspiration for Sega Mega Drive video game Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!.

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