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Riedel Software Productions
Founded: 1986[1]
Defunct: 19xx
Headquarters: Tucson, Arizona, United States (formerly: Garden City, New York)

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Riedel Software Productions, Inc, was a video game development company, founded in 1986, in Garden City, New York, by American game designer, programmer, and artist Mike Riedel[2][3] (Michael J. Riedel).

Mike started working as a one-man team on a project-to-project basis, receiving international recognition for the design and development of the game Spy vs. Spy[4] based on the MAD[5] magazine characters, being helped during this time, by Desi Network Inc., a consulting agency, founded in 1980, by game producer Vince Desi[2] (Vincent J. Desiderio Jr., founder and CEO of Tucson (Arizona, United States) based video game development company Running With Scissors, Inc[6]) which served as Mike's agent and supplied consultants as needed.

In November 1991, Mike Riedel and Vince Desi decided to relocate to Tucson, Arizona and build Riedel Software Productions, Inc into a major development company. This led to the development of several hit games based on major licenses from Sesame Street, FOX, MCA/Universal, Paramount, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, and many others.


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