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Steam: 2015-05-14

New Patch Now Available: Casual Mode and More!
14 May, 2015 - Sara	
Are you tired of ball puns yet? We aren't! Rollers of the Realm has rolled out another patch for you guys! Challenge the path paved with difficulties or try out the new casual mode in Rollers of the Realm!

Here's the full patch notes!

• Choose the way you like to play -- new difficulty settings to please casual and hardcore players are now in the options menu
• Color-blind friendly improvements for health bars
• Reduced mana cost for special abilities -- feel extra awesome by using your hero’s special abilities early and often
• Reduced the price for Hirelings -- grow your party for less gold
• XP bonus on Arena boards
• Minor controller navigation fixes

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Steam: 2014-12-18

Now Available: New Features and Improvements!
18 December, 2014 - Sara	
How's your journey with Rollers of the Realm going? Are you rolling along? Are you always down in the gutter?

Well, enough with all the pinball puns, I'm sure you're here to find out the main meat of the announcement!

What was added to the game, you ask? Check it out:

Major Features
• Boss Rush Arena Board "The Order"
• Boss Rush Arena Board "The Three"
• New achievements for new Arena boards

Minor Features
• Added a Hireling summary stat sheet when you purchase them
• Added new cinemas for the hiring of the Monk
• Allow for unlimited lives in speed run Arenas
• "New Arena" button on main menu when Arena's unlock
• R1 and L1 now scroll through characters in the Port

• Fixed Catacombs Arena Gold Exploit
• Fixed Standing Stones Mana Exploit
• Changed the Timed Arena board scores to time in seconds
• Added Last Winnings and Best Winnings to Arena Menu
• Xbox One Controllers Support
• Decreased difficulty of Arena 1- Pit Fight, Arena 2- Woodland Raid, Ch 5 Burial Grounds, and Chapter 5 Castle Gates
• Improved right Stick Plunger Control
• Clarified wording for "Erase Save Data" button
• Darkened the background in the port, when purchase confirmation pops up
• Allowed all multi-balls to spawn in all floors of Tower Climb
• Blocked the accidental use of special ability when clearing pop up
• Turned off flippers when not visible in Tower Climb and Burial Grounds so enemies don't hit them
• Ensured "Revive" text refreshes in all cases when the feature is no longer available

Steam: 2014-11-26

Now Available: Checkpoint System and more!
26 November, 2014 - Robyn	
Do you have the balls to beat the boss?


Well, that’s okay. It turns out that a crossover of frantic arcade pinball and a story-driven fantasy role-playing game has gotten a lot of people by the balls by the time they reach those a-may-zing final levels. That’s why we’ve added in a new Checkpoint System that will make getting to the finale of Rollers of the Realm just a little more manageable.

Additionally, we’ve spit-and-polished a few other areas so everything should be working better than ever! Need more info? See what your fellow Steam users have already said:

“Wow, where has the past 16 hours of my life gone. What a fun game.”

“Very well-implemented RPG system with the basic pinball goodness. Surprisingly deep, and surprisingly skill-based.”

“Phantom Compass have merged 2 genres and have created something greater than the sum of it's parts. The presentation is top notch and for only 10 bucks it's definitely a must-own.”

Patch Notes:
• Added all-new Checkpoint System on Chapter 6, The Battle.
• Fixed issue with the secondary settings not being saved correctly. You can now use the “Shift” keys with no penalty.
• Fixed power of the right flipper on Chapter 5, Burial Grounds.
• Fixed gold exploit on Chapter 5, Arena.

Steam: 1.1

We made a patch!
20 November, 2014 - Robo-Z	
Hello Rollers (that's you!),

Thanks so much for reaching out to us with your issues over the past few days. Phantom Compass has been listening and we're happy to bring you our first patch.

Patch 1.1 is a very minor patch to resolve recent control issues.

Patch Notes:

    Improved controller support
    Ability to bind the following keyboard keys: Left Shft, Right Shift, Left Ctrl, Right Ctrl, Left Alt, Right Alt. 

Please continue to let us know the issues you're having - we're here and listening to you.

You can follow along with this patch and issues in our community forum: