SG-1000 Works: Segaiden Vol. I

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SG-1000 Works: Segaiden Vol. I
Publisher: Limited Run Games
Genre: History book
Type: Hardcover
Page count: 420[1][2]
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(Collector's Edition)

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SG-1000 Works: Segaiden Vol. I is a book about the SG-1000.

Product description

The complete and comprehensive history of Sega's very first 8-bit video game console, which would eventually evolve into the Master System. A gaming dynasty begins here!


Forget everything you think you know about Sega.The Genesis. Sonic the Hedgehog. Yakuza. The Dreamcast. Even the Master System and Game Gear! None of those things would ever have existed if not for the company's very first foray into creating consoles and publishing home video games: The SG-1000 system.

Never released in America, barely a making a blip in Europe, and primarily known in Australia for its home computer variant, the SG-1000 saw modest success in Sega's home territory of Japan despite launching on the same day as the juggernaut that was the Nintendo Famicom. With a llbrary of more than five dozen titles across two different formats (plus a few more released for the fully compatible

Othello Multivision clone console!), the SG-1000 never became a household name and barely even figures into Sega's own chronicles of its history.

The first volume of the NES Works companion series Segaiden, SG-1000 Works spans more than 400 pages of text and images that paint the most comprehensive examination of this console ever to appear in print (or even online, for that matter!).

Inside SG-1000 Works, you'l find detailed write-ups on every game, peripheral, and accessory ever released for SG-1000 or Multivision. Featuring high-resolution packaging photos and hundreds of screenshots captured from actual hardware. Built on extensive research, SG-1000 Works presents a near-definitive treatise on Sega's first console: The bridge between the company's arcade roots and home gaming future.

Not an officially licensed Sega product.

— Limited Run Games website description[2]

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