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This article is about the emulator. For the audio format, see Saturn Sound Format.

Video game console emulator

System(s): Sega Saturn, arcade (Sega Titan Video)
OS: Windows
Developer: Shima
Last release date: (3 years ago)
Last version: 0.12 beta R4 (stable); 2017-07-02 TestVer

SSF is a Sega Saturn and Sega Titan Video emulator for Windows, developed by Shima. It is able to run most Saturn games without issues, directly from a CD or virtual CD drive.

The emulator has a certain amount of input lag. Suggested solutions are to disable V-sync (emulator settings, causes tearing) and enable "VDP2 RAM write timing".


  • BIOS file not required, but may improve compatibility in certain cases
  • All regions (PAL & NTSC) emulated
  • Backup memory emulated
  • Savestates supported
  • Joystick support
  • Can dump screenshots in BMP format, and audio in WAV format
  • Unoptimized PAL games can be made run at the speed of their NTSC counterpart by setting the "Emulation Speed" lever to 1.20, often without unwanted acceleration of music and sound playback.

Emulated components

Component %
SH2 emulator 100%
68000 emulator 100%
VDP1 block 95%
VDP2 block 95%
SCU block 100%
SMPC block 100%
SCSP block 95%
CD block 85%



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