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The Sawatte Pico (さわってピコ) is an educational device for small children released by Sega exclusively in Japan. As the name may suggest, it belongs to the same "Pico" family as the Sega Pico console, though is an entirely separate piece of hardware with different goals.

The Sawatte Pico is aimed at younger children than the regular Pico console. Users plug book-shaped software into the device, turn pages and "touch" things, with the system making a sound in the process. It does not plug into a television and runs on batteries, and is not compatible with any Sega Pico software. The "console" was supported by Sega and Bandai.

Very little is known about the Sawatte Pico. Its release date and lifespan is unknown, and a definitive software list does not exist.


Physical scans

Sawatte Pico, JP
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