Sega Computer

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Sega Computer
Publisher: NOMAC Publishing Ltd (1984-1987), MJH & Poseidon Software (1987-1988)
Country of origin: New Zealand
Backed systems: SC-3000
First issue date: 1984-xx-xx
Last issue date: 1988-xx-xx
Number of issues: 20?
Frequency: Bimonthly, Quarterly

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Sega Computer was a magazine given away in New Zealand to members of the Sega User's Club. It was created by Grandstand Leisure and was distributed to subscribers on a bi-monthly basis until the very last release, in which the responsibilities were given to Poseidon Software.

Sega Computer was a technical magazine, providing advice and knowledge on SC-3000 programming.

Promotional material

Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 Logo-pdf.svg xxxx xxxx 1984-xx-xx
2 Logo-pdf.svg September 1984 1984-xx-xx
3 Logo-pdf.svg November 1984 1984-xx-xx
4 Logo-pdf.svg January/February 1985 198x-xx-xx
5 Logo-pdf.svg April 1985 1985-xx-xx
6 Logo-pdf.svg June 1985 1985-xx-xx
7 Logo-pdf.svg August 1985 1985-xx-xx
8 Logo-pdf.svg September/October 1985 1985-xx-xx
9 Logo-pdf.svg Christmas 1985 1985-xx-xx
10 Logo-pdf.svg January/February and March/April 1986 198x-xx-xx
11 Logo-pdf.svg May/June 1986 1986-xx-xx
12 Logo-pdf.svg July/August 1986 1986-xx-xx
13 Logo-pdf.svg September/October 1986 1986-xx-xx
14 Logo-pdf.svg November 1986/February 1987 1986-xx-xx
15 Logo-pdf.svg March/June 1987 1987-xx-xx
16 Logo-pdf.svg October 1987 1987-xx-xx
17 SegaComputer17NewLook2NZ.jpg Christmas 1987 1987-xx-xx
18 Logo-pdf.svg March/April 1988 1988-xx-xx
19 Logo-pdf.svg May/June 1988 1988-xx-xx
20 SegaComputer20NewLook5NZ.jpg July/August 1988 1988-xx-xx