Sega Masters Club News

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Sega Masters Club News
Country of origin: Belgium, The Netherlands
Backed systems: Sega Master System
First issue date: 199x-xx-xx
Number of issues: ?
Frequency: ?
Succeeded by: Sega News

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Sega Masters Club News was a newsletter sent to members of the Benelux Sega Masters Club during the early 1990s. It was produced in both French and Dutch varieties, although translations aside, the contents were identical. At least three issues were produced - it is unknown if there are any more.

Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1be 199x-xx-xx
2be 199x-xx-xx
3be 199x-xx-xx
1nl 199x-xx-xx
2nl 199x-xx-xx
3nl 199x-xx-xx