Sega Park Cartagena

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Sega Park Cartagena
Location: Avenida del Cantón, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain
Google maps: 37.613172,-1.006621
Opened: 1998
Closed: 199x

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Sega Park Cartagena[1] was an indoor Sega Park arcade, located in the La Rambla Shopping Center (formerly, Pryca Shopping Center[2]), in Cartagena, a Spanish city located in the Region of Murcia.

It was opened in 1998 (operating license obtained on December 4, 1997[3], granted by the Government Council of the Region of Murcia), by Sega Amusements Spain S.L. (Madrid), with a capacity for 308 people, and had 56 arcade gaming machines of several types[3].



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