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Sega Power Cathy Dennis
Format(s): Compact Cassette
Record label: Polydor Limited (UK)
Artist: Cathy Dennis
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Compact Cassette

Sega Power Cathy Dennis is an EP cassette consisting of Cathy Dennis songs from her Into the Skyline album, as well as her narrating tips for several Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System games. It was included with issue 40 of Sega Power magazine.

Track list

1. Irresistible (3:32) 
2. Why/You Lied to Me + narration (20:35) 
3. Falling (4:29) 
Running time: 28:36

The songs "Why" and "You Lied to Me" are played twice during narration, which consists of tips for the Sega Mega Drive games Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Taz-Mania and The Aquatic Games; and the Sega Master System games Olympic Gold and Spider-Man.


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Physical scans

Cassette, UK
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