Sega Présente Mega-CD Soundtracks

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Sega Présente Mega-CD Soundtracks
Record label: Sega
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Compact Disc

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Sega Présente Mega-CD Soundtracks is an EP containing a handful of music tracks. The music is not related to Sega in any meaningful way, but the disc was distributed in France to advertise the capabilities of the Sega Mega-CD. The disc itself is a mini CD.

Track list

1. Mega-CD Soundtracks (7:40) 

2. Sinclair - Nuire à Ma Personne (4:35) 
EN: Harm to My Person
Artist: Mathieu Blanc-Francard

3. Nalini - Try (4:09) 

4. Ah, Au Fait... (0:12) 
EN: Ah, By the Way...
Running time: 16:36

Physical scans

Album, FR
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