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Marking articles for cleanup

If you don't have time to do anything more than tag an article as needing cleanup, that's fine and a very useful thing to do. (Reading and evaluating articles does indeed take a lot of time and is certainly real work.) If you do have the time to do so, it would be helpful to fix one article already on the list for every one that you add. This helps ensure that at least some fix-it work actually does get done, and helps keep the size of this collection from growing without bound.

Where to find articles that need cleaning up

All articles that have been identified as needing remedial cleanup are listed in one or more of the categories mentioned in the "Table of remedial cleanup tags" section below, or in one of the following old-style pages. Mark them for cleanup according to the process above. Please do not list new articles on these pages.

Table of remedial cleanup tags

The following is a listing of useful cleanup tags. Some tags have alternate versions which are used if the applicability of the tag is disputed. That page also gives more specific instructions about where to put tags, if the top of the talk page is not the best place.

Tag Text that will be shown (and usage notes) Category to find articles so tagged
This article needs cleanup.
This article needs to be edited to conform to a higher standard of article quality. After the article has been cleaned up, you may remove this message. For help, see the How to Edit a Page article.
  • Use if there is a problem not addressed by any of the below tags.
  • It's OK to use in combination with any of the below tags.
{{Template:rewrite|being a poorly written page in general}}
This article needs to to be rewritten to being a poorly written page in general.
This article needs to be rewritten to conform to a higher standard of article quality. After the article has been rewritten, you may remove this message. For help, see the How to Edit a Page article.

  • If the page is that bad, use this (argument optional) to alert others to make it not bad.
Category:Pages Needing to be Rewritten
This article either needs a photograph or screenshot to improve its quality.

This template is used to request that someone take a photograph for an article or add an image (from another source) to an article. If there is a photo that has already been uploaded in the article, tag the photo with {{replace}}.

It is not a general-purpose "no image present" indicator. Editors placing this template on a talk page should provide information about what photographs or screenshots are wanted.

Category:Articles needing images‏‎

This short article is in need of work. You can help Sega Retro by adding to it.

  • Article needs expansion


This teeny-tiny article needs some work. You can help us by expanding it.

  • Article needs major expansion

This article is outdated.
Due to changing events, this article is either no longer correct or needs information added to it to make it complete. Please update it so that it meets current knowledge.
  • Articles which were accurate at one point but are now outdated and need to be updated