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  • 100% Dynamite (Ocean) (After Burner, Double Dragon, Last Ninja 2, WEC Le Mans) | C64/CPC/Spectrum[1]
  • Atari Power Pack (Atari??) (R-Type, OutRun, Eliminator, Gauntlet II, Overlander, Double Dragon, Bombuzal, Space Harrier, Bomb Jack, Nebulus, Blacklamp, After Burner, Super Hang-On, Pac-Mania, Predator, Starglider (+ 4 more?)) | (Atari ST)
  • Chart Attack (U.S. Gold) (Ghouls'n Ghosts, Moonwalker, Turbo OutRun) | C64/Spectrum(?)
  • Demons & Drivers (US Gold) (Ghouls'n Ghosts, Turbo OutRun) | Amiga (disk) C64/Spectrum (cassette)
  • Fists of Fury Edition 2 (Virgin Games) (Dynamite Dux, Shinobi, Double Dragon II, The Ninja Warriors) (Amiga/Atari ST/CPC/Spectrum) [2][3][4][5][6]
  • Giants (US Gold) (Rolling Thunder, Gauntlet II, 720, OutRun, California Games) | (Spectrum)[7][8][9][10]
  • Giants (US Gold) (OutRun, Gauntlet II, 1943, Street Fighter) (Amiga) [11]
  • Frogger / Threshold (??) | (C64)
  • The Gold Collection (US Gold) | Beach Head, Buck Rogers, Zaxxon, Blue Max, Spy Hunter (*), Tapper (*) | (Spectrum)
  • Grand Prix Selection (Electric Dreams) (Super Sprint, Championship Sprint, Super Hang-On) | CPC/C64/Spectrum (cassette)
  • Magnum 4 (Ocean) (After Burner, Operation Wolf, Double Dragon, Batman) | Amiga/Atari ST
  • Winners (US Gold) (Thunder Blade, L.E.D. Storm, Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, Blasteroids, Impossible Mission II) [12]
  • The Story So Far Vol 2 (Elite) (Space Harrier, Live and Let Die, Overlander, Beyond the Ice Palace, Hopping Mad) (Spectrum) [13]
  • The Story So Far Vol 3 (Elite) (Space Harrier, Live and Let Die, Bombjack, Thudercats) (ST/Amiga) [13]
  • The Story So Far Vol 4 (Elite) (Ghostbusters, Aliens Wonder Boy Eidelon, Back to the Future, Quartet) (Amstrad/C64/Spectrum) [13]
  • Thrill Time: Platinum 1 (Elite) (Buggy Boy Space Harrier Live & Let Die, Overlander, Dragons Lair, Thundercats, Beyond the Ice Palace, Great Guianos, Hopping Mad, Ikari Warriors) (Amstrad/C64/Spectrum) [14]
  • Thrill Time: Platinum 2 (Elite) (Buggy Boy, Space Harrier Bombjack Live & Let Die, Thudercats, Beyond the Ice Palace, Battleships) (ST/Amiga) [14]
  • Best of Elite Vol. 2 (Elite) (Paperboy, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Space Harrier, Bomb Jack II)[15]
  • 6-Pak Vol. 3 (Elite) (Ghosts 'n Goblins, The Living Daylights, Escape From Singe's Castle, Dragon's Lair, Enduro Racer, Paperboy)[16]
  • 2-Hot 2-Handle (Ocean) (Shadow Warriors, Golden Axe, Total Recall, Super Off Road) (ST/Amiga/CPC/Spectrum/C64)[17]
  • Power Up (Ocean) (Altered Beast, Chase H.Q., Rainbow Islands, Turrican, X-Out) (Amiga/ST/CPC/C64/Spectrum)
  • Finale (Elite) (Space Harrier, Paperboy, Ghosts'n Goblins, Overlander, Frank Bruno's Boxing) (Amiga)
  • ¡Genial! (MSX) (OutRun, Indiana Jones, Thunder Blade, Vigilante)
  • Micro Club (CPC; ES) (OutRun, Road Blasters)

  • Comanche Hokum/Virtua Fighter 2 (Fair Game, France?)
  • Driving Collection' (Emire) (Europe Racer, London Racer, Crazy Taxi)
  • Ecco/Tuneland (Packard Bell PC bundle 1997)
  • Games Mania (Grabit) (Sega Rally, Archangel, SWWS PC, Jewel Shooter, Sonic R, Xing Omaha Hold'em Poker, Virtua Fighter, The Legend of Luwa, The House of the Dead 2, Dragon X Gold Quest) (PC CD)
  • Race Collection (Empire) (Ford Racing 2001, Supercar Street Challenge, Sega Rally)
  • Race Collection (Empire; six disc) (Ford Racing 2001, Supercar Street Challenge, Sega Rally, Total Immersion Racing, Extreme Biker, Sonic R)
  • Des Millions de Jeux XP & Niveaux
  • Des Millions de Jeux XP & Niveaux Volume 2
  • Des Millions de Jeux XP & Niveaux Volume 3
  • Des Millions de Jeux XP & Niveaux Volume 4
  • Des Millions de Jeux XP & Niveaux Volume 5
  • Des Millions de Jeux XP & Niveaux Volume 6
  • Coffret Xplosiv (The House of the Dead, Panzer Dragoon, Zork Nemesis, Sin)
  • Virtua Fighter/Combat Chess (Fair Game)
  • At least two Comix Zone/Ecco discs for Packard Bell PCs.