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I don't want to cover toys, because I cover enough stuff already and community project and etc. But I have come across a lot of gunk in my travels so here's a start for whoever takes this task on:

Sega Toys does Japan and South Korea. Companies like Hasbro distribute in the west



  • Initial D diorama series 1
    • white
    • yellow
    • blue
  • Initial D diorama series 2

US toys

Which usually equates to "not made by Sega but involves their properties"

  • A-Maze-Ing Arcade
    • Frogger
    • Zaxxon
  • Jack in the Box PC giveaways (+ sonic knuckles)
  • Hot Wheels

GamePro toys

As in, the magazine... because apparently they made toys. Or rather, Joyride Studios did

Super Monkey Ball

Crazy Taxi

Virtua Fighter 4


big lists of pain

  • Nightmare before christmas merchandise
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion/Shin Seiki Evangerion toys. I think they had the rights to everything.
  • Sega Prize stuff. Which means lots of Disney cuddly toys
  • Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Tama & Friends
  • Anpanman

Technically within scope

  • Damon Hill, Alain Prost, Williams 1993 FW15B, FW15C
  • Altaya
  • Aoshima
  • Deagostini
  • Gode
  • IXO
  • Minichamps
  • Onyx
  • Panini Collections
  • Quartzo
  • Tameo Kits
  • Jordan EJ12
    • Minichamps TS collection
    • Minichamps Suzuka Circuit

COMPOSITE Ver. Ka (Bandai)

Palisades Action Figures

Space Channel 5

  • Space Dancing Ulala (orange) (don't they all dance in space - isn't that the whole point)
  • Space Dancing Ulala (silver)

Capsule Toys

it's like shenmue in real life but without sailors have you seen any sailors where can i find sailors


  • SR Shooting Game Historica 2
    • Opa Opa (Fantasy Zone)
  • Sega Gals Collection (セガギャルズコレクション):
    • Red Ring Rico (Phantasy Star Online)
    • Ulala (Space Channel 5)
    • Aruru Najya (Puyo Puyo)
    • Nei 2nd (Phantasy Star II)
    • Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter)
    • Ramaya (Arabian Fight)
  • Sega Gals Collection 02 (セガギャルズコレクション02):
    • Arsha & Peperogu (Monster World IV)
    • Tyris Flare (Golden Axe)
    • Honey (Fighting Vipers)
    • RAcaseal (Phantasy Star Online)
    • Hibara (Kunoichi)
    • Flwing (Shining Tears)

Sega History Collection (セガヒストリーコレクション)

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S.

not just Sega btw

  • SR Video Game Robotics (SR ビデオゲーム ロボティクス)
    • Capsule 1 Border Break brown something something I
  • SR Video Game Robotics 2 (SR ビデオゲーム ロボティクス 2)
    • Capsule 3 Border Break Saber Type I
  • SR Video Game Robotics SP (SR ビデオゲーム ロボティクス SP)
    • Border Break something I brown orange shoulders I need to do some homework (2010)
  • Sega Gals Collection 03:
    • RVR-14 Fei-Yen Kn (Virtual On OT)
    • Maxima (Tony's New Heroine) (not sure what this is I think it's one of the newer Shining games)
    • Ruche Princess (7th Dragon)
    • Fiona (Border Break)

someone else

  • Hatsune Miku can someone else cover this series it's ever so annoying

there might be variations

Sakura Taisen (Bandai/1997?)

Evangelion (Bandai/1997?)

Sega Collection Key Holder (セガ コレクション キーホルダー) (1998?)

Sega Taiken Game Collection (セガ体感ゲームコレクション)

Ryu ga Gotoku 6 (龍が如く6)


apparently all from around 1987-ish

Jr. Action Series (Jr.アクションシリーズ)


Gamera Soft Figure (ガメラ ソフトフィギュア)

Boku no Game Center (ぼくのゲームセンター)

Virtua Racing Metal Mach (バーチャレーシング メタルマッハ)

Ultraman Mach (ウルトラマンマッハ)

Crazy Taxi 01 Axel Mazda Roadster

Takara, Choro Q, 2001:


Mega Drive Megatron

RPG Densetsu Hepoi (RPG伝説ヘポイ)

MD Knight (MDナイト)

Exciting Jigsaw Puzzle (エキサイティング ジグソーパズル パズル)

Volume 1

Volume 2

  • Hot-Rod?
  • Shinobi?

Other jigsaws

Mahou Kishi Rayearth 魔法騎士 レイアース


Sega Yonezawa

Postman Pat (ポストマンパット)

Mega 4WD (メガ4駆)

Mega Shooter (メガシューター)


Other things

Sega Toys

  • FurReal Friends
  • Bakugan stuff
  • Dinosaur King
  • Anpanman tat
  • Tea Dog
  • Brain Trainer
  • Grand Pianist
  • Jewelpet
  • Session Live Player Live Dream Jazz Band Set セッションライブプレイヤー LIVE DREAM ジャズバンドセット
  • Session Live Player Live Dream Rock Band Set セッションライブプレイヤー LIVE DREAM ロックバンドセット

Bikkuriman 2000 (ビックリマン2000)

Meow-Chi (ミャーチ)

Chirpy-Chi (チャピーチ)

Super Poo-Chi (スーパープーチ)

Bull-Chi(?) (ブルチ)

Lu-Chi (ルーチ)

Petal-Chi (ペタルーチ)

Walking Poo-Chi (ウオーキングプーチ)

Robo-Chi (ロボチ)

Robo Baby (ロボベビー)

Dino-Chi (ディノッチ)


2002-08-14 - 2002-09-13, JP

2000, US

2001, US

("Robo-Chi Pets")

    1. 1:
    2. 2:
    3. 3:
    4. 4: Meow-Chi
    5. 5: Poo-Chi
    6. 6:
    7. 7: Poo-Chi
    8. 8:

2002, US

(black packaging)

    1. 1: Robo-Chi Bunny (purple/red | yellow/blue)
    2. 2: Dino-Chi (grey/purple)
    3. 3: Petal-Chi (orange/green/purple)
    4. 4: Poo-Chi (pink/grey)
    5. 5: Poo-Chi (red/grey)
    6. 6: Robo Baby (white/red)
    7. 7: Poo-Chi (cyan/yellow)
    8. 8: Robo-Chi white)

Something else, US

"Poo-Chi Friends"

    1. 4: Bulldog

2001, UK

set of 8, no colour variations

  • Mouse
  • Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Turtle
  • Bird
  • Cat
  • Lizard
  • Fish


  • White (original)
  • Cool Tap
    • White
    • with pinky bits
    • with bluey bits
  • Mini
    • silver
    • cyan
  • Basic
    • black
    • pink
    • white
  • i-cy (penguin)

Family Robo (ファミロボ)

Announced at the same time in 2001... some might not have made it into production.

Beep beep boop boop

Grand Runner (グランドランナー)

Sega Prize

Seibu Keisatsu (西部警察)