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Segaword 1
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: John Sands Electronics
Genre: ETC

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
$39.9539.95[2] ST0415

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Segaword 1 is a piece of word processing software for the SC-3000. It was programmed by Trevor Yann and published in December 1984 by John Sands Electronics as part of its Personal Business series of Educational Software Cassettes.

Documents could be printed on the SP-400 Plotter/Printer, but the small size of the printer rolls was not very desirable. A follow up program, Segaword 3, would utilise the Super Control Station SF-7000 add-on to facilitate printing through a Centronics parallel port.


An extremely comprehensive program that will help people of all ages use the John Sands Sega Personal Computers for word processing tasks. You can utilise the Sega Plotter/Printer to print text materials onto paper.

— Box frontcover [3]

With the Segaword 1, you have an excellent introduction to the world of word processing. Using the SC3000 keyboard you can enter text material to the John Sands Sega computer, store it in memory, and display your work on the TV screen, with the added advantage of scrolling, ie. being able to roll the text on the screen - up and down, left and right - for text review. Segaword 1 provides excellent scope for quick text entry and features easy to use commands like FORMAT (to check display of material before you print it), SEARCH (to locate any particular word or group of words throughout the text), and HELP (explanations of 17 special commands) - all designed to allow you to make text changes quickly and easily. The perfect basic word processing program for students and adults of any age, for report writing, letters, documents and tables. Segaword 1 save many, many hours of re-writing and editing, and allows you to send your written material to the printer for final copy, or save it to cassette tape for filing and storage. Package includes easy-to-understand operating instructions combined with sample texts to enable you to fully utilise the features of Segaword 1.

— Box backcover [3]

"Micro Word Processing Package for the beginner utilising the Sega Plotter/Printer"

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