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Soft DK 1987-1.pdf
Publisher: Forlaget Audio A/S
Country of origin: Denmark
First issue date:
Last issue date: 1988-10-xx
Number of issues: 24
Frequency: Bimonthly
Succeeded by: Soft Today

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Soft was a video game magazine published in Denmark.


Main article: Soft/Ratings.

Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1987-1 Logo-pdf.svg 1986-12-18
Soft DK 1987-1.pdf
1987-2 Logo-pdf.svg 1987-02-19[1]
Soft DK 1987-2.pdf
1987-3 Logo-pdf.svg 1987-04-23[2]
Soft DK 1987-3.pdf
1987-4 Logo-pdf.svg 1987-06-18[3]
Soft DK 1987-4.pdf
1987-5 Logo-pdf.svg 1987-08-20[4]
Soft DK 1987-5.pdf
1987-6 Logo-pdf.svg 1987-10-22[5]
Soft DK 1987-6.pdf
1988-1 Logo-pdf.svg 1987-12-17[6]
Soft DK 1988-1.pdf
1988-2 Logo-pdf.svg 1988-02-18[7]
Soft DK 1988-2.pdf
1988-3 Logo-pdf.svg 1988-04-21[8]
Soft DK 1988-3.pdf
1988-4 Logo-pdf.svg 1988-06-xx
Soft DK 1988-4.pdf
1988-5 Logo-pdf.svg 1988-08-xx
Soft DK 1988-5.pdf
1988-6 Logo-pdf.svg 1988-10-xx
Soft DK 1988-6.pdf