Sparkling Corner

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Sparkling Corner
System(s): Discrete logic arcade
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-4
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Arcade (discrete logic)
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Sparkling Corner (セガ・スパークリング・コーナー) is a discrete logic arcade game released by Sega.


When you insert coin into one of the four seats (red, blue, yellow or green), the car in that seat lines up in the starting line. It will start in about 10 seconds. The total mileage will be displayed in SCORE. Collisions and touching other cars stops the SCORE during that time. When TIME reaches 0, a checkered flag appears and the game ends; a picture of the winning car is displayed the screen.



1.9 m (74.803")
2.07 m (81.496")
2.08 m (81.89")

There is a space for one person to enter the cabinet. The interior also comes with lighting equipment, so it is easy to inspect and repair. The game has a knock down system that can easily separate the cabinet and four revolving seats.

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