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Sphere, Inc.
Founded: 1987[1]
Defunct: 1992-09[1]
United States

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Sphere, Inc. was an American video game developer formed from the 1987 acquisition and merger of Nexa Corporation and Spectrum HoloByte by British print publisher Pergamon Press.[1] The company would later regain its independence in September 1992, renaming itself back to Spectrum HoloByte (and with Nexa Corporation remaining permanently merged.)[1]


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In early 1987, Nexa Corporation and Spectrum HoloByte were acquired by British print publisher Pergamon Press and merged into a new company, Sphere, with its games generally still marketed under the Spectrum HoloByte name.[1]

After the death of Pergamon Press founder Robert Maxwell in November 1991, the publisher's subsidiaries encountered significant financial difficulties in the inter-business conflicts and infighting that followed. Regardless, Nexa Corporation founder Gilman Louie was able to keep Sphere in business, and in September 1992 established the company as an independent entity; in the process, the company was renamed back to Spectrum HoloByte.