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Suny Electronics
Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

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Suny Electronics (סאני אלקטרוניקה), formerly known as just Suny (סאני) is an Israeli company started by Ilan Ben-Dov in 1991. in 1993 Suny became a public company and its shares are traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Suny were the distributor of Sega and "Nintendo" (mostly famiclone) products in Israel until 1998, when they became the Israeli distributor of Samsung cell phones. Prior to the formation of Suny, Ilan Ben-Dov had been importing Sega video game products since about 1987. In March 2000 Suny began to provide internet accesses to mobile phone phone through the subsidiary GoNext. In August 1999 Suny began to operate a website that called "achla". On January 2001 this website has merged with the website Tapuz, and few years later they founded 2 video websites "Flix" and "BlogTV". On August 2009 Suny accquired 51% shares of "partner communications" which operted the cellular provider "Orange" in Israel.As of 2018, Suny holds Real Estate in Romania.


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Suny Electronics advert IL.jpg
The company's offer before cooperation with Sega. Print advert in Wiz (IL) #20 (1992-xx-xx)
SegaIsraelSegaTV IL PrintAd.jpg
Suny Electronics as "Sega Israel" advert including "Authorised Dealer Certificate". Print advert in Freak (IL) #10 (1993-xx-xx)
SegaIsraelSegaClub IL PrintAd.jpg
Sega Club advert including a feature on how to tell a genuine Mega Drive from a clone. Print advert in Freak (IL) #10 (1993-xx-xx)
Freak 14 IL MD2 advert Suny.jpg
Print advert in Freak (IL) #14 (1993-xx-xx)
SunyElectronics MD2 IL PrintAd.jpg
Print advert in Freak (IL) #17 (1994-xx-xx)
Freak 26 IL SMD advert.jpg
Print advert in Freak (IL) #26 (1994-xx-xx)
Freak 34 IL Sega Saturn advert.jpg
Print advert in Freak (IL) #34 (1995-xx-xx)