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The Super Drive series is a set of Sega Mega Drive clone consoles released mainly in Russia. Given the language and cultural barriers, little is known about the series' origins or details. It is very likely that Super Drives are still being manufactured in the present day. Initial consoles were also labeled as Sega Drive.

Super Drive

Console sold in Poland in 1994 by Hegatar Computing.

Sega Drive 2+/Super Drive 2

One in green packaging, one in blue

Super Drive 3/Sega Drive 3+

Genesis 3 clone.

Sega Drive 4

Super Drive 5

Super Drive VII

One in green packaging, one in black

Super Drive 8

Super Drive 9

These use AtGames' Arcade Classic as a base and are all themed.

  • "Iron Man"
  • "Grand Theft Auto"?
  • "Kung Fu Panda"
  • "Monsters University"
  • "Wall-E"

Themed Super Drives

Themed Super Drive Xs

Super Drive XI

Super Drive XIV

Super Drive One


Some Super Drive 2s have been spotted under the banner of "Super Drive 2+". What constitutes the "+" is currently unknown. A smaller version (more commonly seen with Magistr Drives) also exists.

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