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TandESoft logo.png
T&E Soft
Founded: 1982
Defunct: 2008
T-series code: T-114
Headquarters: Japan

T&E Soft (T&Eソフト) was a Japanese video game developer based in Nagoya that was active from 1982 through 2008. It was founded by brothers Toshiro and Eiji Yokoyama (hence the company's name). They are best known for their golf simulators.

The company started selling retail games exclusively for the NEC PC-6001 computer at first, but branched out to other platforms in 1983. Their most popular games during this period include the Hydlide series (one of the earliest action RPGs), the Legend of Star Arthur trilogy and the multi-episode Daiva (an ambitious strategy game which was released across eight platforms). T&E Soft would expand to the console gaming market in 1986, initially through licensed ports of their titles by other companies and then through self-publishing in 1990. During the same year, T&E Soft purchased fellow PC gaming publisher XTAL SOFT, turning them into the Osaka division of T&E Soft. In 1997, Square founder Masafumi Miyamoto, an acquaintance of the Yokoyama brothers, became the biggest shareholder of the company and for a while T&E Soft acted as a sister company to Square. In 2001, T&E Soft merged with Disney Oriental Land, becoming D Wonderland, and withdrew from the game publishing business.



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