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Fast facts on THQ
Founded: 1989?
Defunct: 2013-01
T-series code: T-100
Headquarters: California, USA

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THQ (Toy Headquarters), originally styled T-HQ, was a developer and publisher of video games based in California. The company developed games for consoles, hand held consoles and PCs, and employed a large number of studios mostly based in America.

THQ rose to prominence in the 1990s, not just strictly as a third-party publisher, but as a product distributor for companies such as Midway and, from 1995 onwards, Electronic Arts[1]. In the mid-1990s, THQ also chose to publish several of its games under the Black Pearl Software label.

Many early, but not all Sega Game Boy Advance games were published by THQ in the US, and Sega published a number of THQ titles in Japan during this time period (before THQ set up its own Japanese subsidiary).

THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2013. As part of their liquidation process, THQ's subsidiary Relic Entertainment was sold to Sega[2].


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