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Dreamcast version

I didn't realise this was as much of a thing as it actually is - there is a French publisher, JoshProd that has been manufacturing games for the Dreamcast and Mega Drive (and SNES) en masse. In Flashback's case, it's not licensed by Sega, but it is apparently licensed by Delphine Software, so we ought to cover it (although not on this page - Flashback (Dreamcast) is a better place for it to live).

Except we can't really do one without doing the rest.

However, when we're dealing with Mega Drive ports of Magic Pockets or The Chaos Engine 2, I feel they need to be separated a bit more from games that were released in the Mega Drive's heyday. I don't want to start misleading people into thinking ports of Amiga games were available in 1993 when in reality, they are niche things released in very small print runs 25 years later. This plus all the tat from Russia has the potential to really pollute our games categories - they should be covered on Sega Retro, but I think perhaps in a different way.

So sort-of how we separate unreleased games, we'd have separate categories for "indie" titles (hopefully with a much better name though). By default these wouldn't show up alongside "classic" games, and we'd still want to avoid public domain releases.

Incidentally they already cause problems with "worldwide" release dates and covers. This could help solve those issues too.

I'd test some ideas but the server is mostly unsuable at the moment. -Black Squirrel (talk) 06:52, 12 August 2018 (CDT)