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Why Naofumi Hataya is not the same person as Masayuki Nagao

Masayuki Nagao originally worked for Santos alongside Hirofumi Murasaki and Morihiko Akiyama. In December 1991, Santos became a wholly-owned subsidary of Sega and was renamed Megasoft. ( Naofumi Hataya joined Sega in 1990 ( Shinobi III, one of the games credited to Nagao, was developed by Megasoft (

-After leaving Sega, Nagao continued to work on other games such as Bubble Bobble Evolution [under "Direction"] ( and Rainbow Islands Evolution [under "Story" and "Music"] (

He has also played keyboard at a birthday concert for the singer Saeri on December 8, 2007 ( ( [search for 長尾優進] and is credited in hiragana in Utautau three times. [Post #7]

His Wikipedia article, which includes a birth year:

Can you please discuss this on the forum, like I said? - Andlabs 11:28, 8 February 2011 (CST)

@Andlabs I'm sorry, but it simply won't let me at the moment. Despite this I think I've provided you with more than enough information here.

BTW, in the VGMdb link, I'm kyubihanyou, so I've gone through all the motions and all the possibilities. CHz revealed the truth in that post of his.

It won't let you because you have to go through the validation process first -- make a thread in the validation forum to say why you want to get validated, then if you do, post. Did you do that?
The issue with Masayuki Nagao is that it's already being discussed, and Tweaker wants something more concrete, like a photo or something. As far as Milpo goes, all I know is that the Chaotix sound driver has the string "on by MILPO" in it. Is this person credited in Chaotix too? Or is that a leftover? - Andlabs 12:28, 8 February 2011 (CST)

@Andlabs "Milpo" is not credited in the actual game credits, but "Yoshiaki Kashima" is under "Sound Programmer" along with Atsumu Miyazawa (, whose worklist is not nearly as correlated as Kashima's.,71311/ - Miyazawa,34203/ - Kashima

[03/30/11] Another thing that differentiated Sega composers back in the day was a two-letter system.

Example, Takayuki Nakamura = T.N Katsuhiro Hayashi = K.H Sachio Ogawa = S.O Tatsuyuki Maeda = T.S [Would have probably been T.M if not for Takenobu Mitsuyoshi] Naofumi Hataya = N.H

So what about Nagao? Why it's N.G (N.Gee), of course. Furthermore, Hataya was known as either Hata or hata-bow around the time Sonic 3 came out, so if he were involved then he would have used either one of those or, more likely, his own name like most of the others.

Also, if "Hataya" really did do the work "Nagao" did, then why does "Hataya" never bring them up, and why do the albums that feature "Nagao's" work never credit Hataya? You have to consider that you may be overthinking these things just a little and assuming too much as a consequence. Ergo, you lumped together two names with no definite proof, so the continued rejection of mine is quite ironic. Come to think of it, who was it that lumped those two together in the first place?

Hataya was born on Nov. 13, 1966 ( and joined Sega in 1990. Nagao was born in 1964 ( ( and joined Sega when the company he worked for (Santos) was acquired by Sega at the end of 1991 and turned into Megasoft.

Also, did Hataya write the English lyrics for a song named RAIN for the band 4ROCKAMBOS? [post #9]? How about the ending theme from a game called "Tears on the Planet" that was performed by Jena? [post #11] Not likely.

You have it wrong. There is no such game as "Tears on the Planet", that's the title of the ending song for the Space Invaders remake game for the PSP, which is something I discovered myself by checking the game's end credits (that's me on vgmdb by the way). Nagao was involved with that game's Game Design, Sound Design, and wrote and possibly composed the song "Tears on the Planet" that was performed by some artist named Jena. How I know this? This is all in the game's ending credits, which for some reason is not anywhere online. I had to somehow get the game and view the ending movie's pmf which had the ending credits. I'd post shots from the credits, but why bother, it's just white text on a black background. So there you have it. Evilhamwizard 07:29, 31 March 2011 (CDT)

[04/02/11] Look at the bold print I added above. Different years of birth. Will you listen to me now?