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Template for describing bugs


| image=
| image2=
| image3=
| image4=
| caption=
| caption2=
| caption3=
| caption4=
| desc=
| introduced=
| fixed=
| partialfixed=

Up to four images and captions may be assigned to a bug description. If no image is needed (e.g. an audio bug), add this:

| image=no

The "fixed" and "partialfixed" fields should only be used if a bug was fixed in a newer version/release. Do NOT use it for bugs that didn't exist in older versions! In such a case that a bug was introduced in a later version, use the "introduced" field.


SuperOffRoad SMS Wipeout.png

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SuperOffRoad MD Wipeout.png

Attempting to transform into Super Sonic after hitting a signpost or prison capsule results in Sonic "walking" in mid air, and becoming unresponsive to controls. If Sonic moves off the right side of the screen before this happens the score tally will appear and the game continues on to the the next level as normal. If he does not leave the screen he will get stuck with no way of ending the level.

The player can't wait for a time over, because passing a signpost stops the timer. The only thing to do without debug in this situation is to reset the game.

Note: Prison capsules make the score tally appear automatically, so the level will always end.

Introduced in Rev.01.
Fixed in Rev.02.

From time to time, the audio will stop working.

Partially fixed in later ports, but happens much more rarely.