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BAYONETTA Premium Theme

Premium Theme from BAYONETTA displaying her playful spirit. Customize your Xbox 360 with BAYONETTA-themed art assets. There are no refunds for this item.
Xbox 360: US, IT, AU, KR US: 2009-11-26
EU/AU: 2009-11-26
US: 320pts UK: FREE
Bayonetta Avatar Character Set (『BAYONETTA』アバター キャラクターセット)

Includes 8 avatars.
Xbox 360: JP US: 2013-10-17[1]
US: $1.99
Pimp My Rabbit Pack

Includes 58 new masks and 11 skins, many of which are based on Sega characters.
Steam 2012-10-24[2] US: $2.99[5] UK: £1.99[5] AU: $3.99[5] TW: NT$2.49[5]
PlayStation 3: JP, US JP: 2012-10-25[3]
US: 2012-10-23[4]
EU/AU: 2018
US: $2.99[4]