The A-Team

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The A-Team
Publisher: U.S. Gold
Developer: Probe Software
System(s): Sega Master System
Status of prototype(s): Source code released and compiled
Sound driver: Custom (Jeroen Tel / The Sonic Circle exclusive)

The A-Team is an unreleased Sega Master System game based on the "A-Team" TV series. It was to be developed by Probe Software, and released in 1992.

At 27 May 2010 SMS Power!-user Kimuji asked the community how to play some files he got from Jeroen Tel, who made the game's tunes. It turned out that source code for a little player was included with them. Because of the source's odd assembler dialect Maxim, SMS Power!'s Admin, had to modify the code and fix bugs, which were masked by the companies assembler, but wouldn't work on newer ones. On 29 May he finished compiling the rom. Joeren Tel was very pleased about it and allowed the public sharing of the files. The source code, the compiled sound test and all tunes converted into *.vgm were released on the 20th of June 2010.

Track list

1. Drums (0:04)

2. Title (0:30)

3. Intro (1:01)

4. Savannah Level (0:10)

5. River Level (0:51)

6. Jungle Level (0:46)

7. Military Level (1:01)

8. Knock Jingle (0:05)

9. Game Over (0:05)

10. Won Game (0:03)

11. Map Jingle (0:31)

12. Uh Oh Boss (0:02)

13. End Of Level (0:05)
Running time: 5:14