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Icon Description Xbox Gamerscore PlayStation trophy
ToeJam&Earl Achievement WordUpBackToOuterSpace.png Word Up! Back To Outer Space! PlayStation Trophy Gold.png
Clear a Random World.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement SmellYaLaterEarth.png Smell Ya Later, Earth! PlayStation Trophy Silver.png
Clear the Fixed World.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement TheLongRoadToFunkiness.png The Long Road To Funkiness PlayStation Trophy Silver.png
Obtain a rank of FUNK LORD.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement TheMailboxAteMyMail.png The Mailbox Ate My Mail PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Defeat a Demon Mailbox.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement FallenAngel.png Fallen Angel PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Defeat a Cupid.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement WhWhWhatTimeIsIt.png Wh-wh-what Time Is It!? PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Wake up from a nap.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement ThisEarthFoodIsntHalfBad.png This Earth Food Isn't Half Bad! PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Eat all of Earth's delicacies.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement ItsAllAboutTheKicks.png It's All About The Kicks PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Dash with the Super Hitops.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement WereUnstoppable.png We're Unstoppable PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Fly across water using the Rocket Skates.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement UpUpAndAway.png Up, Up, And Away PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Fly using the Icarus Wings.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement EvenAdultsLikePresents.png Even Adults Like Presents PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Snag some goodies from Santa.
ToeJam&Earl Achievement LovinThisEarthLifestyle.png Lovin' This Earth Lifestyle PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Jump in the bath on Floor 0.
Totals: PlayStation Trophy Bronze.pngx9 PlayStation Trophy Silver.pngx2 PlayStation Trophy Gold.pngx1 

ToeJam & Earl
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