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Tricks 16 bit
Publisher: Tricks
Genre: Guide book
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Tricks 16 bit it's a series of Russian books about Mega Drive games. Most of the stuff was later reprinted in many Tricks series like Tricks Gold Sega, Sega Opisaniy i sekretov, Sega v podarok, Sega Entsiklopediya kodov, sekretov i opisaniy, Tricks Sega Sekrety‎, Sega 1800, Sega 2100, Vsya Sega v karmane and others.

The first book was sold in Buka stores[1] which was a official distributor of Sega in Russia, at the time.


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Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 TRICKS Sega Tom 1 cover.jpg Tom 1 1997-04-21
2 TRICKS Sega Tom 2 cover.jpg Tom 2 1997-xx-xx
3 TricksSegaGold800igr cover.png Tricks Sega Gold 800 igr 1998-03-20