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Sega (Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, Mega-CD, Mega Drive 32X, Pico, Nomad, Saturn, Dreamcast), Nintendo (Game&Watch, NES, Famiclones, SNES, Game Boy, Virtual Boy, GB Pocket, Nintendo 64, GBC, GBA, Gamecube) Atari (2600, Rambo, 7800, XEGS, Lynx, Jaguar, Jaguar CD), PlayStation, 3DO, CDi, CD32, CDTV, Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket Color, PC Engine, N-Gage, Pong, Vectrex, Tiger LCD and in Central and Eastern Europe...

List of 44 countries from SegaPower #20 (June 1991)

  • America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil
  • Europe: UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Malta, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, SFRJ, Greece, Cyprus
  • Asia: USSR, Japan, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, Brunei?, Indonesia?, China?, Philippines?
  • Australia and Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
  • Africa: South Africa, Egypt?