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Hey, I'm Magic Island and I enjoy Mega Drive and some of its games.

Found information, scans, videos or just want to talk about the Super Shinobi II/Shinobi III prototypes? Drop an email:

For a list of contacts that may be potentially helpful, send me an email.

General information about the original Super Shinobi II and its prototypes:

Want to know more about the original Super Shinobi II? Visit:

Scans Wanted List

  • Famitsu issues 196 92/09/18 and 208 92/12/11
  • Game Players Sega Guide! issues Vol.3 No.6 to Vol.4 No.2
  • Hippon Super! issues 92/10 to 93/03
  • Mega Drive Fan issue 92/11
  • Mega Fun issues 92/10 to 93/04
  • Megablast issues 92/10 to 93/03
  • Video Games & Computer Entertainment issues 45 to 49

Videos Wanted List

  • Sega Shinsaku Soft Video Vol.23 to Vol.25


I do have some Mega Drive Fan, Marukatsu Mega Drive and Dengeki Mega Drive that I might be able to scan when I have free time.